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Top 10 Reasons to Choose Laravel for Website Development in 2024

Laravel is undoubtedly one of the most popular frameworks of PHP which is widely being used for web application development. However, there are various other programming languages available that have been used for specific web application development. This open-source platform has various advanced features that make it best among other frameworks. It follows the MVC (Model View Controller) methodology which is one of the best features of using it. Laravel business solutions provide adequate simplicity that further makes the process of coding of applications easier.

Laravel is powering more than 20 million websites on the internet. What differentiates it is its Syntax that is elegant and expressive. It has been designed to ease and speed up the overall web development process. As per the report by Enlyft, Laravel is the most popular programming language in the United States. In the USA alone, around 170,722 websites are running on this platform.

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Moreover, the PHP Laravel framework with its modern and advanced features is empowering web developers who are seeking a reliable and ideal toolkit to develop advanced and feature-rich web applications of all types. Laravel for business holds a list of advanced features that makes the valid reason for using it for web app development.

However, this is not enough- this framework also provides a dedicated dependency manager, separation of codes, modular packaging, routing services, unit testing, and multiple ways to gain relational databases and all of these provisions further drive Laravel’s business popularity.

It is not surprising as to why top Laravel development company in India prefer the Laravel framework for app development. If you are still wondering about the importance of Laravel for business, here are 10 reasons that will help change your mind.

Before we proceed to discuss the reasons to choose the Laravel PHP Framework for Web Development, let’s understand the definition of Laravel.

What is Laravel?

As per WiKi, Laravel is a free and open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and earmarked for the development of web applications following MVC architectural patterns and based on Symfony.

10 Reasons Why To Choose Laravel Framework For Web Development

  1. Security

In terms of security, the Laravel framework provides exceptional security levels that are not available in any other framework. As a highly secure framework, it provides strong user authentication and offers superior password protection. It also provides CSRF tokens that take care of security.

  1. Easy to Get Started

Building a website is very easy in PHP Laravel. In this, you can write procedural code as well as do Object-Oriented Programming. It also offers many libraries that you can use to build a website from scratch. Easy implementation of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is the reason developers prefer this platform for website building.

  1. Built-in Project Environment

The integrated project environment provided by PHP in Laravel helps developers manage things easily. In simplifies complex web development by providing a structured way of coding. It has a built-in tool named Artisan which interacts with the Laravel framework using a command line. Developers using this tool to simplify complex tasks that most of the developers avoid performing manually. This technology provides developers an easy way of coding for web development.

  1. Template Engine

Laravel has easy-to-use and lightweight templates through which developers can easily build interactive layouts of the website with appealing content. It also provides developers with different types of widgets that have JS and CSS code with solid structures. The available templates of these frameworks are created and designed for a simple web page layout with different sections.

  1. Excellent Documentation

The founder and main developer of Laraval, Taylor Otwell, has written the documentation of the framework himself. Programmers can easily understand the steps with clear documentation and it also helps developers learn about using Laravel and its components.

  1. Object-oriented Libraries

Facilitate faster and easy development of web applications, this framework provides developers with many object-oriented libraries to build full-flag web applications for businesses. Developers can also use pre-written code and class libraries to make the development of web applications quicker and faster.

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  1. Unit Testing

Unit testing is also the reason why web app developers like the Laravel framework for developing web applications. This framework performs various testing, including unit testing to ensure the new changes made by developers don’t unexpectedly break anything at any point in time. This makes the development process easier and increases the chances of deployment of a flawless product. In addition to this, it makes it easy to write unit tests for its own code.

  1. Migration for Database

Migration is very simple and quick as you can easily expand the structure of the database of any web application without re-creating during any changes in the database. This feature reduces the chances of any risk of losing data. Developers can change the database structure during runtime. In addition to this, Laravel Schema Builder helps to create database tables and inserts indices or columns promptly.

  1. MVC Architecture Support

The support for MVC is one of the key factors that make Laravel the best PHP framework for development. Most of the platforms fail to provide hassle-free support to MVC whereas, Laravel supports MVC architecture which helps in improving the overall performance, better documentation, and offers multiple functionalities. This makes Laravel development quite attractive and easy.

  1. Large Community Support

Laravel provides a large community where you can get new tips that help you in web application development. Even if you stuck at any point during the web application development, you can seek assistance from the large community of Laravel and resolve the concern as soon as possible.

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