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Laravel VS Symfony: Which PHP Frameworks Did You Choose For Your Framework?

Symfony and Laravel Development have been struggling to gain a better position in the war. Both PHP frameworks help faster web development and meet business requirements if you have the proper knowledge and expertise.

A brief overview of Laravel Development:

It is primarily used for custom web app development by using PHP development. Laravel Development is a server-side framework that focuses on data manipulation. It uses the Model-View-Controller structure that helps in keeping the development process structured and effortless.

Some unique features of the Laravel framework are:

Template Engine

Laravel helps web developers by giving them ease of development and lightweight through the Blade template engine. This framework helps to build dynamic content with the help of CSS and JS files in the templates.


A Command Line Interface which handles the repetitive tasks during Laravel development. It reduces the app development time and effort with a cleaner coding interface. Artisan can be used to create MVC files from the CLI and manage them easily.

Eloquent ORM

This tool helps web developers to engage with the database using SQL programming language. Instead of the PHP syntax, the ORM is faster.


There are pre-installed, object-oriented, third-party, and other libraries. Laravel’s libraries help to add functionalities, build modular, and develop effective web applications.

Migration System

In Laravel Development, you have less risk of losing data. The application’s database structure does not need recreation every time the developers introduce changes in the structure.

A brief overview of Symfony Development:

The web developers get a robust set of tools that help in developing complex web apps effortlessly. Some key features of this framework are:


It is a collection of organized files. Developers use these to build and reconfigure apps. This helps web developers reduce costs and development time.


There are 30 components that help in the development process. Web developers have the freedom to build their modules for a better user experience.


It has a vast collection of functionalities and features to support custom web app development. This ensures that the platform matches customer expectations and trends by daily tribute.

Security Component

It is a powerful system of Symfony. Web developers use this solution to enhance the security of web apps. There are various tools to authorize and authenticate, encode passwords, and many others.

What are the pros and cons of Symfony vs. Laravel Development?

Pros of Laravel:

  • It provides regular updates
  • Integrating apps with popular email services using API
  • Highly compatible with third-party libraries and platforms
  • Additional tools with a large ecosystem

Cons of Laravel:

  • There are chances that some applications might be heavier and affect the loading speed
  • Some updates might not be compatible with the latest versions

Pros of Symfony:

  • It has the support of a wide community
  • Support platforms like Drupal and Magento
  • Keeps the developers updated with the recent requirements

Cons of Symfony:

  • It has a difficult learning curve when compared to another PHP framework
  • There are a lack of origin elements
  • It needs to be prebuilt code, which means more time consumption and a slower development process

What are the popular apps made using Symfony and Laravel Development?

Symfony Development

  • Spotify is a highly customized platform to listen to songs and podcasts
  • BlaBlaCar uses Symfony as backend, which helps to access the database quickly
  • Course Hero is used for task management, emails, and enhance user performance
  • Trivago helps to compare and search hotels across devices
  • Vogue is used to create a database in French and Dutch for the readers

Laravel Development

  • Laracasts is an e-learning website. It provides courses and serves solutions to online queries
  • Barchart is a financial portal. It helps to gain information related to the global market, currency exchange, gold price, and more
  • Asgard CMS is a modular multilingual CMS that provides ready-to-use modules.
  • World Walking is a charity-led healthcare platform. The main aim is to motivate people to walk more by offering them rewards
  • Neighborhood lenders use this platform as backend support. It acts as a mortgage calculator with great financial functionalities.

When is Laravel Development the best choice?

  • Planning to build interactive website layout
  • Have an application that needs advanced components
  • Take advantage of widgets in JS and CSS compatibility for web apps
  • Need a scalable server-side framework and constant support
  • Build web applications faster with the help of object-oriented libraries

 When is Symfony Development the best choice?

  • Develop large scale enterprise web apps
  • You want to have real-time data synchronization in the web apps
  • Planning to create a customizable marketplace for sellers and customers
  • Build single-page applications


Both Symfony and Laravel Development are great web app development platforms. The main decision depends on your business requirements and features in the web apps. If you plan to build complex web apps and do not have any time constraints, then Symfony is the convenient choice. If you want to develop a web app with minimal expenses and a shorter period, go for Laravel Dev

Zaraki Kenpachi