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How to Size a Motorcycle Helmet?

Finding the right helmet size is very important for protecting your head in the event of an impact. 

Wearing the correct helmet size would save your lives from road accidents. To get the right helmet size, there is a simple guide on how to size a motorcycle helmet.

To find the right helmet size is to follow the simple instructions:

  • Choose a helmet type

To know how to size a Motorcycle Helmet is to consider the helmet type for your ride. Having a helmet type depends on the terrain you ride. In headgears, there are six types of helmets, which are full face, modular, open face, dirt bike, dual-sport, and half face helmets. Each helmet type has its benefits and pitfalls as each of them is constructed differently for a certain ride. To know your helmet size is to know the helmet type for your ride. 

  • Find your head shape and size

Once you have decided on your helmet type, you need to find your head shape and size. To demonstrate your head shape is to flatten your hair and take a picture above your head. There are three head shapes, which are round, intermediate oval, and long oval. If the head is like a circle, then he/she is round. To know your head size is to take a measuring tape and measure above your eyebrows around to the bottom of your head. Just inches above your neck. To do this step accurately is to ask a trusted friend to take the measurement accurately. 

  • Try on the helmet

When trying on different helmets, make sure that different helmet brands have their head size chart. Be careful with the helmet brand you are trying on along with the head size chart. For instance, if your head size is medium in Shoei and large in HJC, you need to try on these two helmets for proper fit. To make things easier for you, try on as many helmets as you can until you have found the correct helmet size. 

  • Check for proper fit

To try on your helmet, having a proper fit is very important as your head needs comfort and fit to make your ride comfortable. When you try on your helmet, make sure the helmet should fit snugly onto your head. If your head feels a little bit tight that is all right but the Best Motorcycle Helmet should not feel too tight. If you feel any pain on different parts of your head, your helmet size is wrong. If you feel that your helmet is loose, redo your head size. When you strap around your helmet, you insert no more than two fingers. 

  • Wear the helmet on for about half an hour 

Once you have found the correct helmet size, wear your helmet for about half an hour. This helps to get your head used to your helmet. This process should take off the motorcycle. If you wear your helmet and you get on with your bike. You will suffer headaches and dizziness. 

Here are the guides on how to size a motorcycle helmet. You can see you must follow the procedures above to get the right helmet size. If you wear the right helmet size, your journey will be safe and comfortable. 

So, measure your head size, find the right helmet and enjoy the ride!

Zaraki Kenpachi