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Guide To Properly Size UTV Wheels

Sizing UTV and ATV wheels is actually really easy, but the sizes are written in a language of their own. Before you can take in all the details at a glance, you need to learn the lingo. So what does 28×12-12 mean? Deciphering the formula gives you the information you need to understand whether any given tire fits your rims.

  • The first number is the total height of the tire, from tread to tread across the center
  • The second number is the width of the tread
  • That last one is the diameter of the wheel you put the tire on

Tire sizes tend to be expressed in inches and not centimeters, although you may find the occasional international brand with both listed. If you want to change up your tire size, new rims will be necessary. With the right UTV aftermarket parts like suspension modifications and new rims to support the size change you can tweak your build to suit your lifestyle pretty easily. 

Do Rims Matter Or Are They Only Style?

While there is a definite trend toward stylizing with rims, the fact is that a wheel upgrade can be a powerful and budget-sensitive way to improve performance. This is especially true if you are running an older UTV that has put a lot of trail time on its existing rims. Your wheels play an important role, transferring engine power into traction and speed. Old UTV rims frequently get corrosion near the beads, and that can make the seal to the tire less effective. They also wear at their fit points, which can make them loosen over time. Updating them tightens steering and supports a longer tire lifespan.

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Must Have UTV Riding Gear

If you are shopping for aftermarket upgrades and replacement tires already, it makes sense to update your riding gear for the changing seasons. New UTV boots for fall are a great idea if it has been a couple years since you invested in cold weather boots. New designs are better than ever at insulating while maintaining breathability, without letting water in too easily. Other must-have gear grabs to consider refreshing include:

  • Riding gloves for cooler weather
  • Fall and winter helmet styles with defogging features
  • Heavy padded riding pants and jackets
  • Phone/GPS mounts for easier trail navigation

There are a lot of other gear choices out there, so keep your eye open as you check out the options this season. It’s also a good idea to look at clearance sales on last year’s styles. You might be able to get the premium helmet you passed up in spring at a discount instead of paying full price for a new model.

Do You Need Extra Tire Sets?

UTV tires are generally all-terrain builds, at least when you buy OEM replacements. There are a lot of terrain-specific options that do better in their element, though. Many experienced riders opt to keep an extra set of rims with the specialized tires they use most. Then, they can just swap the wheels out when moving from regular trail to snow, sand, or mud. It’s less expensive than early replacement when all terrain tires wear out from high intensity use, especially if you regularly go out on dunes or go mudding.

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