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6 Reasons to Buy Your Own Golf Cart Instead of Renting

While in the past you may have only seen a golf cart if you were heading off to play a round, thanks to the changes in people’s lifestyles and habits over the last five years, golf carts are gaining increasing amounts of traction off the fairway. From retirement villages to estates, fairgrounds to beaches, golf carts are a popular choice of a semi-off-road vehicle that is not only a more eco-friendly alternative than a car, but they are also able to fit in spaces you would never dream of driving in a regular vehicle. However, golf carts don’t come cheap, which is why many people choose to rent their weekend companion. While this may seem the more affordable option, here are some reasons why you should pass on the rental and own your golf cart instead.

Regular Maintenance Guaranteed

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Have you ever picked up the keys to your cart, hopped into your ride, and turned the ignition just for nothing to happen at all? Or have you ever taken a golf cart along a particularly muddy patch of path and wondered when the tires last saw new tread? By owning your own golf cart, you will be in charge of your own maintenance so that you can rest assured that when you get into your cart, you know that it won’t die on you. Owning your own cart also means no more fines for bringing back a dinged, dented, or otherwise slightly scuffed cart back to the clubhouse should you run into any trouble on your ride. While the maintenance costs will need to be budgeted for, they are also more affordable than you may think, especially given the high cost of fines issued by rental companies.

Personalize Your Ride

Owning your own golf cart also means that you get to personalize your ride in any way you choose. Whether that’s a custom paint job, or special decals to make you stand out on the fairway, your golf cart means your rules. This is also true for upgrades to your cart. Add value to your ride by installing a hardcover to better protect yourself from the elements. Or consider a tire upgrade with a fresh set of tires from a reputable outlet like Golf Cart Tire Supply and boost your off-road capabilities. Other upgrades could include safety features like seat belts, lighting systems to improve your visibility on the road, and even lift kits to ensure you don’t damage your undercarriage should you need to traverse a path that hasn’t seen regular upkeep.

No Longer Just for the Golf Course

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On the topic of upgrades, did you know that a golf cart can be upgraded to tackle a range of different environments? From regular roads to dirt paths, the rolling hills of the local park, and even off-road courses, upgraded golf carts can prove to be a great option for people looking for a way to upgrade their recreation time away with a smooth ride that is capable of carrying all their essentials. The storage options on a golf cart are also the perfect place to pack a picnic lunch, swimming gear, and even basic hiking gear so that you can arrive at your activity fresh as a daisy. Some areas even allow golf carts on residential roads, making them a great option for getting around for people who live in an expansive housing development who want to visit friends that live on the opposite end of the estate or for popping to the store for a few odds and ends.

Play On Your Own Schedule

The flexibility of owning your own golf cart cannot be understated. There is nothing worse than a delay on the road causing you to miss out on renting the last golf cart available at the local course. By owning your own cart, you remove this possibility entirely and ensure that you can play a round whenever you choose, including on public holidays and after hours, when rental companies have closed their doors for the day.

Save the Environment by Going Electric for Everyday Activities

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One of the best motivations for buying your own golf cart and using it as your everyday ride is thanks to the green nature of these vehicles. Even if you choose to buy a gas-powered model, golf carts are a far more economic ride than a car. By choosing an electric cart, you are helping reduce emissions even more. Some electric carts have an outstanding hauling capability and can comfortably handle a 20-degree slope. No matter how you intend to utilize your cart, you’ll get excellent performance in most new models, and you will be helping the environment each time you climb behind the wheel of your cart rather than your car.

Affordability in the Long Run

Did you know that a well-maintained golf cart can run for up to 40 years? Even a cart that sees sporadic maintenance but is stored reasonably and driven responsibly can last around 20 years. If you consider that a brand new golf cart costs between $9,000 and $18,000, even in the worst-case scenario, that amounts to $900 a year if you bought the expensive model and ran it into the ground in just 20 years. Renting a cart, on the other hand, costs an average of between $55 and $110 a day, give or take. That means that for the same price as owning your vehicle, you could only rent a golf cart for about six months. While this may be fine for the sporadic golfer, any person who spends more than eight days on the course a year will save money by buying their own cart.

Aside from carrying your gear around a golf course, golf carts can be useful for a range of different activities, and at the end of the day, a golf cart is a great purchase even if you don’t plan on playing a round of golf. These adaptable vehicles could offer you a range of benefits and advantages in your day-to-day meanderings and are more affordable than most other alternatives. Whether you’re doing errands or taking the scenic route, why not enjoy it in a golf cart?

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