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Wheel Covers – An Essential Car Accessory

Car lovers spend a lot of money buying many accessories to ornate their cars. It’s not at all a bad thing but many times it is seen that they forget to buy the most essential one, i.e. the wheel covers. Many will argue that it is not that important but at the end of this article, you are sure to think otherwise.

Reasons to keep a wheel cover handy

A cover as we know protects a thing from getting damaged by various factors. So is the function of a wheel cover. Car tires are exposed to weather conditions like sunlight, wind, rain, and snow. Each of these adversely affects the rubber of the tires. Not only that, the iron brake drum inside the tires can become rusty which would lead to unwanted accidents. A wheel cover protects from such damages to a great extent and hence increases the longevity of the wheels. It also significantly reduces the maintenance cost. Again, tires are very costly and if you live in an area that has security issues, it’s better to cover the spare tire of your SUV or Jeep that is well equipped with secures. This will keep the thieves from stealing them as it won’t be an easy task to unbolt the spare wheel. Covers serve as a car decorative piece as well for the mounted spare wheels. It can be an eye-catcher for the onlookers. Now you seewhy a wheel cover is so necessary?

Types of wheel covers

Tire covers can mainly be categorized under two heads i.e. a) storage wheel covers, and b) spare wheel covers. Storage wheel covers protect the tires from damage when your vehicle is parked and spare tire covers protect the mounted tire on the boot wall of your Jeeps or SUVs to keep it intact for future use. Storage wheel covers are usually made up of vinyl or canvass material for easy covering and uncovering.

Which one to choose?

But, when it comes to choosing the right cover for your car’s wheels, you have several options to choose from. For regular wheels, go for the soft cover. And for the spare wheel, you can choose either hardcover orsoft cover (single or multilayered). As mentioned earlier, these can be an eye-catcher for others if you plan to customize them. Hardcovers are made up of sturdy plastic or stainless steel. If you are opting for the first type of hardcover, then you can get any motif of your choice painted on them or simply you can decorate with vinyl car stickers as well. But, to prevent the work from being faded, ultimately you have to buy a softcover too. Hardcover should be the priority for those who are dealing with security issues.


So, car lovers out there, you do need wheel covers for your precious vehicle to perform well on roads for a long time. And make sure to wash them so that they can serve the purpose for which you would buy them in the first place. Some covers are machine washable but it is advised to hand wash them and also to choose the right product for doing so.

Zaraki Kenpachi