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Are Acrylic Bathtubs That Bad?

More often than not, people judge the quality of a product by its price. Because acrylic bathtubs are relatively affordable, they get a bad reputation. After all, even the best acrylic bathtub won’t cost as much as the cheapest cast iron enameled tub. But are they that bad? Or are we judging the book by its (price) cover? 

The Positives

Here are a few advantages of acrylic bathtubs you may not have known about, besides the lower price tag.  


The surface of an acrylic bathtub is smooth and nonporous, making it much more comfortable to take a bath in them. 

Wider Variety Of Shapes

Due to their modern manufacturing process, there are many more configurations of acrylic bathtubs available. This means you can get the shape that is most suitable to the size of your bathroom, and your needs and preferences. You may want a smaller tub if you are short on space, or a different shape to match the aesthetics of your bathroom—this is only possible when working with acrylic bathtubs. Some high-end companies even offer the option to have a custom-made acrylic hot tub. 

Heat Retention

Even when they are not full of hot water, acrylic hot tubs aren’t cool to the touch. The material has an insulating effect, so the hot water used for your bath will stay warmer for a long period of time in an acrylic hot tub. 

Scratch Resistance 

There’s nothing worse than buying something that is flimsy and difficult to clean. Luckily, acrylic tubs are easy to clean and even resistant to scratches or chips. They are considered relatively durable, and can even be repaired easily in the unlikely event that you break it or scratch it. This is especially true for acrylic tubs that are reinforced with fiberglass, which is an option found in most acrylic bathtubs available today. 

Easy Repairs, Lightweight

Last but not least, acrylic hot tubs are very lightweight so they are easily carried away. In fact, many plumbers would take the entire tub out and repair it at a workshop inside of working on it at your home. Nonetheless, the repairs are relatively easy to do yourself if ever needed. 


Disadvantages Of Acrylic Tubs

Nothing is perfect, and that’s expected. Here are a few disadvantages to owning an acrylic tub that you may need to consider.

  • These tubs can get discoloured if not cleaned properly.
  • Acrylic tubs do not add very much value to a property, so their resale value is very low.
  • Some people dislike the hollow feeling of acrylic tubs, where they may give a little if not installed properly.


Acrylic tubs are a great option for people on a budget, offering durability, versatility and more. Do not be so quick to judge these tubs, even though they are so widespread. There are many high-end options to choose from, made from high-quality materials and in different (more stylish) shapes and colors. Many people opt for acrylic tubs simply for their lower price, but there are a few merits to these tubs that may compel people beyond the price. 

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