4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Back-To-Wall Bathtubs
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4 Reasons Why You Should Buy Back-To-Wall Bathtubs

Not all bathrooms have bathtubs, but it doesn’t mean people don’t want it. Aside from the cost, some people are hesitant to install bathtubs because there are many options, making them overwhelmed in making decisions. 

But today, you’re in luck because you can get ideas about the best tubs to buy and some considerations before you go shopping. This article will recommend you to shop back to wall baths, for example, because it is one of the most popular bath types nowadays and people are raving about it.

Why back to wall baths?

Some bath types include straight, shower, freestanding, corner, and whirlpool baths, but among these styles, you could consider them to be your best choice. 

A back-to-wall bath is perfect for small-spaced bathrooms. It is installed directly against the wall and provides a great designer and elegant look in a contemporary bathroom. This type of bath is very popular in many countries because of the following reasons:

    • Perfect for kids

How are back-to-wall baths perfect for kids? It’s very simple. Imagine you’re bathing your kids in your bathtub. These kids tend to be naughty during this time, and you might get worried about them falling on the other side of the tub.

But back-to-wall tubs typically have one side open only. So you can guarantee that your kids will stay safe and avoid any accident or injury because there is a wall that can act as their barrier or protection.

    • Great aesthetic design

Who doesn’t love a modern contemporary look? It would be so nice to come home after a long tiring day at work and soak and relax in a comfortable and elegant tub.

There are also many designs and styles to choose from in a back-to-wall bathtub, giving you the freedom to freely decorate your bathroom depending on how you want to express your style.

In addition, back-to-wall tubs are not only perfect for modern designs. They are also available in other styles like traditional, contemporary, minimalist, etc.

    • Space-saver

Unlike other bath types, back to wall tubs don’t consume too much space because they are directly linked to the wall, making them perfect for small bathrooms. You can maximise every spot in your bathroom and install other miscellaneous stuff to make the bathroom as cosy as you like.

    • Symmetrical

Doesn’t symmetry look so satisfying? If you’re one of the perfectionist types of people, you can fit the tub into the three corners of your wall. 

It also separates your bathtub from other bathroom furniture, making it feel like another dimension where you focus on yourself whenever you feel stressed or tired.

How to choose the right back-to-wall bath?

Now that you know why back to wall baths are in demand, you can now decide on other factors such as the shape and material.

For the bath’s shape, you can choose between a single-ended and a double-ended bath. Single-ended baths have only one tap on one end, while double-ended baths are tapped on both ends.

Choosing a bathtub made from either ceramic, steel, cast iron, or acrylic would be best.

Whether it is your first time to shop back to wall baths or not, you surely won’t regret choosing this bath style because it offers great convenience and more bathroom space. In addition, it looks unique and aesthetically pleasing. 

Zaraki Kenpachi