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How to Equip a Bathroom?

Today it isn’t easy to imagine a comfortable house or small apartment without a bathroom and size 24 inch bathroom vanity. Perhaps this is one of the central and necessary premises of modern housing.

It is also a tiny island of relaxation that should combine both practicality and comfort and, of course, should please the eye! Today we will learn how to equip a bathroom.

Even in ancient India, 5 thousand years ago, almost every house had a ceramic bath. Already in those days, people appreciated the beneficial properties of water. The cult of taking a bath reached a particular heyday in ancient Rome. In ancient Greece, there was even the goddess of bathing – Hygea, and the progenitor of the modern bath was the Japanese bath – Furo. Yes, a lot of water has flowed under the bridge since then, and taking a bath for many has been and remains a favorite water procedure.

Variety of bathtubs

Online bathroom vanity store New Bathroom Style offers a wide variety of baths and luxury bathroom vanities. Moreover, they differ in size, details, colors, and the material from which they are made. Solid and stable, well-retaining heat, cast iron baths are undeniably durable and reliable. They were replaced by steel, earthenware, and acrylic bathtubs.

Acrylic is a good material for shower base and bathtub

Acrylic is a unique material with excellent whiteness, smoothness, and flexibility, making it possible to manufacture bathtubs of various shapes and sizes. Of course, the presence of such a bathtub in your home will emphasize your style. Soft lines, streamlined shapes – everything for your harmony and serenity. And suppose you equip such a bath with hydromassage, chromotherapy, and soft headrests. In that case, this is an authentic SPA – salon in your home.

Acrylic bathtubs from the Fresca brand have proven themselves well. Bathtubs are light, and at the same time durable, resistant to ultraviolet radiation and do not turn yellow, easy to clean, they have a non-porous surface.

For adherents of the classic genre, bathtubs of a standard form from the Fleurco brand are suitable.

The brands Fleurco and DreamLine also offer budget versions. And the small size, only a few feet, will allow you to place the bath in a small room.

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Bath or shower?

Many people install showers in the bathroom, whoever they like. Moreover, you can install not only a shower cabin but also a shower corner, a screen. And different sizes, from 30 inches to 80 inches, allow rational use of the area.   The DreamLine shower cabins deserve attention. They are easy to use, easy to install, and the pricing policy is in the budget segment.

What is a bathroom without plumbing?

Moreover, it is reliable and modern. Among many manufacturers around the world, Grohe sanitary ware is trendy. This German brand meets the needs of customers of different social statuses and Vigo bathroom supply store.

These faucets meet all customer requirements.  Simplicity, ease of use, a large selection of models, durability, in a word, real European quality!

An essential element of the bathroom is the toilet

We are not going to tell you how to choose a suitable toilet bowl. For this question, it is better to contact an experienced and proven plumber. After all, the choice depends on many factors: someone prefers proven models, design is essential, and generally chooses by color! Let us turn your attention to a novelty – a rimless toilet. As experts assure, such a model is in many ways superior in technical characteristics to its predecessors.

Contemporary bathroom furniture

Beautiful furniture, in which you can put, and if you want, on the contrary, beautifully layout all the attributes for beauty and health. A variety of shapes, sizes, colors, backlit, with heated mirrors, so that you can immediately see who is the loveliest in the world! The lineup is pleasing, and it will take time to make a choice.

Modern manufacturers have relied on high-quality materials and original design, and they paid off. Furniture is in great demand. In addition to excellent functionality, it is also durable.

By the way, from the point of view of the ancient teachings of Feng Shui, the dominant element in the bathroom is water, which clears the energy of the house from negativity, brings material well-being and health to the place, and regulates cash flows. Therefore, pay special attention to the design of your bathroom and your home will help you achieve well-being and prosperity!

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