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More Than the Walls: Bathroom Repair After a Fire

The emergency is over – your bathroom fire has been safely extinguished, and hopefully all you lost was a few rolls of toilet paper. Now, you’re facing the job of cleaning up the mess and repairing the damage.

There are obvious problems such as heat-cracked tiles, sooty fixtures, and melted plastic. But there could also be damage lurking under the surface that could cause more issues later.

Here’s a helpful guide on the not-so-obvious damage to look out for when you begin your bathroom repair!

Water Damage

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Putting out a fire can leave a room soaked, which warps wood. In a bathroom, this can mean trouble for your walls and doorframes. You may even have subflooring damage since even water-resistant floors aren’t meant to hold up against the flooding caused by fire suppression.

To repair warped wood, you’ll likely have to replace the damaged areas entirely with the help of a carpenter. Be sure to check for structural damage as well.

Plumbing Damage

Heat can cause a lot of problems for both copper and PVC plumbing; plastic plumbing can even melt! Gone unnoticed, a damaged pipe can leak and grow mold. They may even stain your walls and cause further water damage.

After a fire, have an experienced plumber check out your pipes. This is especially important in a bathroom because there is complex plumbing, and sewage leakage can cause even more problems.

Electrical Damage

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Both heat and flames can cause wiring and circuit issues that you won’t be able to see. Even your switches can become an electrical hazard due to fire.

Turn off the electricity in affected areas. Then, call in an electrician to find and repair electrical damage. Neglecting this important step could lead to injuries or even another fire.

Smoke Damage

Smoke damage is the most visible issue after a fire, and it can be extensive. Not only will smoke leave behind a lasting odor it can also cause or exasperate health conditions.

Repairing smoke damage is more than painting over the soot – the particles will stay behind! You can accomplish smoke cleaning through media blasting. This service uses compressed air and abrasive material to practically vaporize the particles causing surface stains and odors.

Vent Damage

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Another byproduct of putting out the fire is damage to your vents. Some firefighters use chemicals alongside water to extinguish the flames, and they could get into your ducts. This affects your home’s air quality.

To fix this problem, you’ll need a professional duct cleaning. It should cost less than 1000 dollars to clean your home’s entire ductwork system, but it will leave the air in your house clean and fresh. You can contact the fire damage restoration Denver to help you easily restore your damaged property or bathroom caused by fire.

Start Your Bathroom Repair Now

A lot of damage can come from a fire of any size. Make sure your bathroom repair goes smoothly by following this guide to fix even the problems beneath the surface.

There’s a lot more to learn about repairs, health, and safety! If this article helped you out, keep exploring this site to find all the content that you need to read!

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