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Slope It Up: Can Sloping Floors Be Fixed?

Imagine this: You are trying to play mini-golf in your living area or basement, but every time you hit the ball it slopes in the wrong direction. What is this all about, you wonder? Then you realize that your sloping floors are the reason your golf game is shot.

If you are facing the issue of sloped flooring, then you need some quick intervention. Read on to find out how you can fix sloping floors (or are they even fixable?).

Find Out the Cause of Your Sloping Floors

There are diverse reasons why your even floors might turn into sloping ones. And that’s important to know if you are going to fix the issue.

If you have an older home, then it’s probably due to foundation issues as it settles over time and creates uneven floors.

If you have a crawl space, the beams and posts in your crawl space might be the reason for your sloping floor.

If the sloped floor is due to improper flooring installation, then that’s what you will need to focus on to repair it.

If It’s Due to Foundation Issues, You Need Outside Help

The problem with sloping floors due to foundation issues is that it’s hard to fix on your own. It’s not a DIY kind of job, as it requires the foundation to be lifted and stabilized to correct sloped floors. If the foundation is unrepairable, then it might even require a complete overhaul of the foundation, which you will need a professional to handle.

If It’s Due To Crawl Space or Flooring Issues, You Could Try To Fix It Yourself

With affected joists or posts in your crawl space, you could try sistering the affected joist to improve stability. You could also have screw jacks installed.

But if your joists are infested with termites, or rotted or damp, then doing the above will only be a temporary solution.

If your floor wasn’t properly installed, you could lift it all out and then reinstall it. If you are comfortable doing these things, you could undertake the job yourself. But in most cases, with sloped floors, it’s a better idea to hire a professional so you don’t have a repeat of the previous flooring issue.

Never ignore sloping floors, because it always indicates a bigger underlying issue. It’s like an underlying condition indicated by overlaying symptoms in illness or disease. The same idea applies.

No Need to Research Anymore

Now that you know all about sloping floors, you can stop your mad search. Focus on figuring out what is bothering your home, what the underlying cause is, and this will help you solve your sloping floor problem even faster.

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Zaraki Kenpachi