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Protecting Your Patios: Why Coating Concrete Is Vital

Concrete floor coatings are rising in popularity as more homeowners see the value in protecting their investment. As the critical component of your patio’s look, structure and function, you need to keep your concrete patio floor in pristine condition.

Applying a concrete coating can seem like a labor-intensive and time-consuming project. If you are unsure if the added investment is worthwhile, here are the top five reasons that coating concrete is crucial to extending the life of your patio.

Coating Concrete Provides Surface Protection

Exposure to the elements will wear down any unprotected surface. You can extend the life of your patio with a concrete top coat.

As rain, hail, debris and unexpected chemicals hit your patio, they degrade and chip away at the surface. With a concrete clear coat, you can protect your surface from surface abrasion and staining for an extended period.

It Protects and Enhances the Color

UV rays from the sun will cause your concrete patio color to fade. By coating concrete, you provide color protection similar to waxing your car.

Many concrete patio coatings allow you to adjust and enhance the color of your patio as well as protect it. You can choose from penetrating sealers that maintain the natural look or glossy acrylic and epoxy finishes that accentuate your preferred color. Shop here for a variety of easy-to-apply color coats to match your taste.

There Are User-Friendly Options

Researching all of the different coats for indoor and outdoor concrete settings can be confusing. Many of the top-tier options are marketed for professional use.

For the DIYer, many acrylic sealers are actually surprisingly simple to apply and inexpensive compared to other sealants. You can find various water and solvent-based options to give you the gloss and color enhancement you desire.

It Makes Cleaning Easier

Concrete surfaces are naturally imperfect, forming with small cracks and nooks to collect dirt and grime. By coating concrete, you fill in these spots, creating a smoother surface, which is much easier to sweep or wash clean. Plus, since the surface is protected from moisture and buildup, you will not have to clean it as often.

Concrete Is Porous

Concrete is an absorbent material, making it subject to water damage if left unsealed. Freeze-thaw damage occurs when water penetrates concrete and expands as it freezes. The expansion causes cracking and spalling, which could require extensive repair.

Outside of freeze damage, concrete’s porosity invites chemical agents that can cause deeper issues. If corrosive substances like chlorides or sulfates penetrate down to the structural steel bars or mesh, they will gradually eat away at the metal. Coating concrete protects against this, as water and other dangerous liquids bead on the surface.

Protect Your Patio With a Concrete Coating

Coating concrete can keep your patio looking like new for years. On a clean patio, a properly sprayed or rolled-on concrete sealant can go up to five years before reapplying. That little bit of work can save you a ton of time, money and aggravation.

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Zaraki Kenpachi