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How much does fiberglass pool resurfacing cost?

There are various types of swimming pool resurfacing available in the market. These include gunite, vinyl-lined, fiberglass pool. If you want your swimming pool to look impressive, you should get the fiberglass pool resurfacing done.

A fiberglass pool resurfacing is one of the most preferred resurfacing for all swimming pool owners. It does not build up any kind of fungus or algae. Moreover, it is quick to install. You can get it done within a day or two.

The smooth finish gives you an amazing swimming experience. You can have peace of mind that there won’t be any scraping on scratches on your body after swimming on the rough surface. Concrete pools are rough and could scrape your body. Moreover, you can make your kids swim without worry in the fiberglass resurfaced pool.

Reasons to choose fiberglass pool resurfacing

Easy to maintain: 

Compared to a concrete swimming pool, a fiberglass swimming pool requires less scrubbing to clean it up. Moreover, it also uses 30% less chlorine. Other materials of the swimming pool could wear and tear off quickly. Fiberglass ensures a good appeal of your pool while remaining strong and stable.

Easy maintenance is one of the most popular reasons people preferring fiberglass swimming pools. Algae growth is quite common for swimming pool owners who have a concrete surface. Fiberglass is a non-porous surface that does not allow any form of fungus to grow.

Quick to install:

Believe it or not, fiberglass pool surfacing is quick to install. Pool renovators don’t take much time to update your swimming pool fiberglass surfacing. You can enjoy relaxing in your pool after its quick installation. Unlike concrete surfacing, fiberglass takes only a few hours or days. It depends on the length and depth of your pool.

Smooth Finish: 

This is another important reason for people choosing fiberglass resurfacing. Concrete is a rough material. For the safety of your kids, you should opt for a fiberglass surfacing pool. It prevents your kids from falling and getting hurt. Moreover, they don’t have to deal with roughness on their skin. Fiberglass finish keeps their skin smooth and soft.


Fiberglass adds to the beauty of your pool. You can make your swimming pool stand out with all the amazing fiberglass finishes available.

What is fiberglass resurfacing? 

Do you have a fiberglass swimming pool? Are you wondering what fiberglass resurfacing is? Fiberglass resurfacing is an effective cost reduction method of giving a new look to your pool. Rather than replacing your pool, you can get the resurfacing done.

Swimming pools go through a lot of deterioration. You can get the old topcoat replaces with the new one if you see cracks and other issues on your pool.

Fiberglass resurfacing experts add a new layer of fiberglass and make your swimming pool look as good as new. Your swimming pool becomes more durable than before with the adding of a new layer.

Why do you require fiberglass resurfacing? 

Fiberglass swimming pools are durable and long-lasting. However, they require to go through resurfacing after 15 to 25 years. If you notice any kind of cracks and blisters on your swimming pool surface, it needs your attention. You need to resurface your pool to perk up its look.

Fiberglass resurfacing adds to the longevity of your swimming pool. You don’t need to get a new one made. You can use your old swimming pool after getting it resurfaced.

Moreover, even if there are no leaks and crack on the surface of your pool, you can spruce up the look of your house by getting fiberglass resurfacing done.

What is the cost of fiberglass pool resurfacing? 

Are you looking for Fiberglass pool resurfacing cost? On average if you are planning to get your fiberglass pool resurfaced it would cost you around $8600. It might seem a bit expensive to you.

Consider the fact of getting the whole swimming pool replaced over getting it resurfaced. Which option is better?

It is less costly to get fiberglass pool resurfacing done compared to getting a new swimming pool installed.


Always check the rates of all the local contractors in your area before choosing someone to resurface your pool. You need to do your research about the experience of the contractor you are planning to hire, the material he uses, how long would he take and what would it cost.

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