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How To Maximize Your Leveling Speed In World Of Warcraft?

In this article, we’ll look at one of the most crucial aspects of the WoW experience, as well as an essential component of every MMORPG game. That is, of course, the part about leveling. Before you can go to the end-game content, which is the focus of the majority of the game’s features, you must level up your character and make them worthy of the world they are defending.

You can’t raid and battle larger-than-life bosses until you reach the whole level, and you can’t even try unless you grind for better gear. If you want to participate in the exciting PvP gameplay and defend your faction’s colors and flags, you must also be at your best. Some gamers like the entire leveling process and go at their own pace. However, an increasing number of players want to speedrun it and get to the end-game as quickly as possible, especially if they wish to play with an alt.

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Continue reading to learn more about leveling, including ways to speed up the process and spend as little time as possible grinding to the maximum level content. Meanwhile, to learn more about the very fastest way to level up, which is boosting, go to https://buy-boost.com/wow/character-leveling-boost.

1. Use Add-Ons

Because of WoW’s compatibility with third-party software, various developers have produced add-ons to enhance the gaming experience. Azeroth Auto-Pilot is one program worth considering. Not only does the add-on suggest the quickest paths to level up, but it also notes and directs the player to any possible treasures, rares, optional missions, and locations that could help you gain XP faster. The add-on is only available for Warlords right now, but the authors plan to spread it to other expansions in future versions. Handynotes and Rarescanner are two further upgrades to think about (will help find rare items, events, and treasures on your map)

2. Choose The Right Expansion

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While all of the players achieve the first 10 degrees of lift at around the same speed, the rest of the game is entirely dependent on your own personal preferences. Regardless, each of the extensions is as entertaining as it should be and in its own unique way. Nonetheless, the advancement you make in a different encounter can be significantly different.

Expansions that have recently been released contain a series of events that assist you in obtaining uncommon and secret items as well as examining more targets. Because of Blizzard’s involvement in the interaction’s future development of the evening out process, the entire cycle is significantly smoother. If you’re fantastic when playing the Shadowlands, your chances of making the evening out are currently better.

3. Join A Leveling Clan

End-game content and high-level PvP aren’t for every guild. In case it’s all about raiding, your main and alt don’t have to be in the same guild. Your guildmates, on the other hand, may have alts that require assistance leveling. Finding groups is one of the most efficient and effective ways to level up. Don’t be hesitant to use the Classic WoW community because it is one of the game’s finest assets. It’s a little archaic, but it works, and it’s a lot more enjoyable than power-leveling.

4. Do Dungeons

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One of the most successful ways for leveling up quickly is to spend practically all of your time in dungeons. Many of the world’s quickest levelers follow this approach, although it does necessitate a committed five-person group, a specific strategy, and the appropriate choice of classes.

This strategy involves groups going into the most appropriate dungeon for their level – ideally, the one with the largest density of foes if there are many alternatives – and speed-clearing it by gathering as many enemies as possible before killing them all at once with AOE.

If you have a good party, it’s just a matter of clearing the dungeon you’re in as quickly as possible, resetting, and proceeding until you need to move on to the next dungeon or you’ve had enough of power-leveling.

While this is unlikely to be a practical tactic for most players owing to the cooperation and class distribution it necessitates, it is worth noting if you’re playing with a group of friends or guild members and want to get through some levels as quickly as possible.

5. Prisons or Quests?

It’s still a good idea to spread out purely through prisons rather than through questing. For each prison you operate, depending on missions, you’ll receive 3-4 levels. Despite this, there are two essential cautions. First and foremost, if your character does not have a tank or healing specialization, you will need to find someone who does, as the lineups for injured players can be long.

Second, be wary about the expansion you choose to even out in, because you’re limited to your evening out development for the prisons you browse unless lines are excessively lengthy (causing the game to offer you various prisons as options).

6. Struggle Daily

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We’ve been referring to exercises that are based on a week-by-week or month-by-month basis. Regardless, there are several day-to-day workouts you may perform to improve your evening out speed. You can, for example, head to the Battleground and start smashing there.

Daily excursions will allow you to gain a great deal of experience there. There are also other Dungeons waiting for you to loot them. Whatever the case may be, pay special attention to Time-scrolling. Regardless, if you notice that there is a unique time-strolling in any case, continue to concentrate on that rather than a prison. It will pay off in the long run!


Along the process, leveling up your professions grants you a specific amount of experience. To maximize the speed, choose a career with which your race has a natural connection.

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Finally, you should think about purchasing things and power-ups that allow you to travel faster over the planet. Although this has no direct effect on XP gain, being able to move quickly means you’ll spend less time driving from zone to zone and quest to quest.

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