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13 Reasons TBC Classic Is Better Than Wow Classic

Let’s look at the reasons why you ought to be excited about the Burning Crusade Classic servers.

In this post, we’re going to discuss the reasons why you should be thrilled over the Burning Crusade(TBC) and the reason we believe it will be better than the World of Warcraft Classic(Wow Classic).

Let’s begin by defining the things that make Wow Classic so great.

“The World of Warcraft Classic is an attempt by Blizzard to revive the original game launched in 2004. This means they’re seeking to recreate all the content that was in Vanilla WoW. They’ve recreated all the content that was in vanilla to patch 3.3.5. This includes every quest, every level each raid, every zone, and every boss fight. everything.

The World of Warcraft Classic has been in existence for nearly two years. It has had plenty of time to develop and become something extraordinary.

This is the point at which TBC is able to help.

We are convinced we can say that The Burning Crusade will be as enjoyable as Wow Classic because it will have new features, fresh content, and brand new bosses.

Here are some reasons we believe TBC is superior to WoW Classic:

1. New Features

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Blizzard has added a variety of exciting new functions to TBC. Certain of these features will improve your gameplay experience more enjoyable, while others will offer an entirely different experience. Here are a few examples of new features we believe will enhance your gaming experience:

A brand new system for leveling. You can reach 90 levels without having to undertake anything else, like dungeons and quests. Instead, you just go to every town and talk to the respective NPC to earn levels. If you perhaps need a boost you can check out WoW Boost.

A new system for PvP. In addition to the previous battlegrounds, there’s an entirely new mode of PvP known as Battlegrounds. Battlegrounds allow players to participate in a friendly battle against other players on similar maps. The Burning Crusade introduced Arenas which is a smaller deathmatch-style, skirmish. It features the ranked-point system, which was the first time World of Warcraft players could play with a ladder and the ability to climb a rank. This gives players an incentive to put in the effort and also a reason to improve and increase their game as certain benefits are linked to certain rankings that only a few of players reach(Introduced in the third season). There were also specific titles and mounts which were reserved for players with players who scored the highest such as Gladiator and Dualist.

The new system for fighting pets. Players will be able to gather pets as they move up. Additionally, there will be the introduction of a new pet type that allows players to have multiple pets at a time.

2. New Content

There will be a significant quantity of new content added to TBC. We anticipate that there will be at the very least one expansion pack each year. The expansion packs will have an entirely new game and a brand new zone and a brand new boss.

The Burning Crusade introduces Heroic Dungeons. This is a harder version of the standard Dungeon with more mechanics, tough scaling, and more rewarding rewards. In addition to being fun and offering great loot, they also offer a much-needed reputation that everyone will surely appreciate. So, I’d guess that dungeons would be in play for longer in The Burning Crusade Classic than they were when they were in Wow Classic. Furthermore, The Burning Crusade has fifteen dungeons from the beginning, which is more options than the highest level of players currently have.

3. New Bosses

It will include a huge variety of new bosses being added to TBC. Most of these bosses will be classics like Garrosh Hellscream and Kil’Jaeden Magni Bronzebeard as well as Arthas Menethil.

4. Better Graphics

A lot of people complain about how shoddy graphics were in the Vanilla period. However, we believe the graphics of TBC will be significantly better than the graphics in Vanilla.

As an example when you enter an urban area, you’ll get a stunning view of the surrounding landscape, instead of seeing the blocks in gray.

There are also NPCs wandering around talking to each other, instead of locked inboxes.

It will include a myriad of brand-new effects in the gameplay. For instance, you can observe rain falling onto the ground and the water splashing on the ground.

5. More Classes

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In TBC the game, there are four new classes that will be added to the games. The classes include the Monk, Paladin, Warlock, and Druid.

6. Better Gameplay Mechanics

There will be many modifications to the game’s mechanics. In the beginning, there is no requirement to walk through a dungeon for loot. Loot drops will occur randomly around the world.

There will no limit to the number of attacks you can make against one enemy. The third is that there will be a timer for cooldown for specific abilities. In addition, there is a limit to how many times you are able to use your abilities.

7. Improved User Interface

The interface for users for World of Warcraft has been criticized by a lot of fans over the many years. Blizzard is listening to fans’ complaints and made a number of enhancements in the UI.

We believe we will see UI for TBC will be significantly better than the present UI.

8. Better Leveling Experience

The most crucial feature in an MMO is the leveling experience. If your experience at leveling isn’t sufficient and you are not satisfied, then you could find yourself deciding to quit the game before getting to the cap on levels.

TBC can provide a more comfortable and efficient leveling experience.

9. More Fun

We believe that playing TBC will be more fun than WoW Classic. This is due to the fact that TBC will include a great deal of brand new content.

10. Less Bugs

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There are fewer bugs in TBC than WoW Classic. The reason this happens is that Blizzard has resolved all the major bugs in the game.

11. No Need to Re-Download All Your Data

If you opt to play TBC You do not need to download all your information in WoW Classic. Only download the patch that you downloaded.

12. No Need to Upgrade Your Computer Hardware

If you are interested in playing TBC It doesn’t require any modifications to the computer’s hardware.

13. No Need to Download Any Additional Software

If you’re looking to install TBC it is not necessary to download any additional software. have to download an additional program!


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We believe that playing TBC will be more fun than trying to play WoW Classic. We suggest that you keep with World of Warcraft Classic only in the event that you’ve already hit the limit of level for WoW Classic. If not, it’s time to pull out that Burning Crusade CD and start getting better at it!

Jaime Hay