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Why Neck Tattoos Are on the Rise Among the Fashion Set

Tattoos are incredibly popular for many reasons. It allows individuals to express themselves in a unique way. Also, research shows that tattoos are increasing their self-esteem and confidence. In the last period, we can see that the popularity of neck tattoos rises among the fashion set.

Even though neck tattoos take some special consideration, they can look very appealing and attractive to the right person. All neck tattoos are considered a daring idea. The reason for this is very simple, the neck is not one of the most regular areas where people are choosing for the tattoo. However, things are changing because neck tattoos are more significant than ever.

In fact, they are so attractive because they look discreet yet visible. Basically, anyone who wanted a tattoo wanted some very visible design, so everyone can notice it. However, now less is better. There is no need to put on yourself some large tattoo and draw attention. You can achieve an even better effect if you decide on some small tattoo design on a unique place such as your neck. Tattoos feel more normal as years are passing. We can agree that in the past people have been shocked when they see someone is tattooed.

The subject of the tattoo always played a big role. However, we can notice that now the place of the tattoo is even more intriguing than the tattoo itself. People who had a tattoo above their shoulders such as neck or facial area were considered as dangerous or like they are gang members and even prisoners.

So, how we can explain the popularity of neck tattoos today?

When we want to explain the recent rise in the popularity of neck tattoos, we must look around at the beauty that it carries.

Tattoo equipment is now incredibly precise. Also, an experienced and professional tattoo artist can make true art on someone’s body. When we combine this two, we are getting an incredible result. The tattoo artist can create delicate fine line-styled tattoos that can look very appealing. Tattoos are so improved and so different than they once were. As we said lines are finer, imagery is softer and the whole work is done much more effectively. The number of clients that are seeking neck tattoos is proof of that. Neck tattoos are considered as cute and sophisticated. This rule counts for both males and females. All of this is enough for making neck tattoos a fashion trend nowadays.

Taking care of the neck tattoo

However, if you are considering getting tattooed on the neck or face you need to be careful. It is crucial to pay attention to skincare because the skin in those areas is especially prone to age and sun damage. Proper care of your skin is something you need to focus on after you get the tattoo. In general, the face and the neck are very delicate areas that are always exposed to the sun. However, sun-damaged skin can lead to a high risk of tattoo fading and changing over time. This is not something you will see immediately, however, as the years pass, you will regret not taking care of the neck tattoo. Dermatologists suggest that clients need to follow an adequate moisturizing and protective routine every single day, immediately after getting the neck tattooed. In order to prevent tattoo fading and actually maintain the condition and the quality of the tattoo over time, it is crucial to follow instructions that will minimize the flaking of the skin. Therefore, keep your skin clean, moisturized and most of all keep it out of the sun.

Always go to a professional tattoo artist when you are tattooing your neck

The placement of a tattoo on the neck is a very important and challenging task so it needs to be handled by a professional and experienced tattoo artist. Every expert in this field knows how the neck is a sensitive area with lots of nerves. Therefore, it is important to carefully do the tattoo as well as properly inform the client about the healing period. This is because people are going to twist and move the neck around. Therefore, tattoo artists need to be patient enough and not place the tattoo when the client is moving. Neck tattoos are linked to aesthetics and they need to look perfect from the close and from a far distance.

The advantages of neck tattoos 

Neck tattoos come with many advantages. One of the crucial ones is that these tattoo types are really eye-catching. They can not be hidden. Also, for lots of people neck tattoos are very attractive. They can be done with such a simple style and still grab everyone’s attention. There are so many design options for neck tattoos and people are choosing certain regarding their identity and their expression. However, as we mentioned, the simplest and smallest are the ones that are commonly chosen by many. For instance, star tattoos, stylish letters or certain words, wings, birds, and flowers are the options that are usually picked for the neck area.

Tattoos are not permanent 

You should be aware of the fact that as much as you take care of your neck tattoo, it will still fade over time. It is just the nature of the skin. For instance, if you see a 70 years old veteran who has war tattoos, you will notice that they are blurred. Even though technology development improved the tattoo equipment as well as the quality of the ink, the results after many years will be pretty much the same. Everything about tattooing is changed, even its permanence. Thanks to technology improvements there are even an option of tattoo removal. Procedures of tattoo removal are handled very easily since they are performed with lasers. Therefore, even if you decide after some period that you do not like the neck tattoo anymore and that is out of fashion, you can decide on this option. Removing a tattoo from the delicate skin area such as the neck needs to be done by profession because it requires carefulness. Therefore, you need to find reliable and professional experts for that job such as https://removery.com/tattoo-removal/how-tattoo-removal-works/

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