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Reasons To Buy A Coleman Hot Tub

Any discussion of backyard renovation these days will inevitably fall into the topic of getting an inflatable spa. And which is the most popular model right now? Of course, the Coleman Hot Tub remains one of the most purchased inflatable hot tub  models, despite the not-so-pretty utilitarian aesthetic it tends towards. The following are reasons you should consider getting a Coleman instead of any other option available to you.

Sturdy Materials And Walls

Coleman are known for their high-quality manufacturing, even though prices lean towards affordable. While many inflatable hot tubs have flimsy walls then give when you lean into them, this model has a reinforced wall that makes it easier to lean back for comfort. This makes a major difference in the hot tub experience, especially for people with arthritis and muscle pains.

Insulation For The Winter Months

You may already know that using your hot tub in colder weather may require some extra effort on your part. The Coleman comes with a floor protector that is thick enough to provide some cushioning as well as a lot of insulation. This helps prevent heat loss and makes the water heater more efficient even during the warmer months. You may want to increase that insulation for extremely cold temperatures, but as long as you are above 40F you should be fine.

Strong Jets For A Powerful Massage

120 jets and a strong water pump give the water a strong infusion of powerful bubbles that give a great invigorating massage. Of course, you can adjust the levels as per your preferences, but most people enjoy the full body massage that comes with this hot tub model. It’s also deep enough for you to submerge most of your neck comfortably, so you can work the tension in your neck muscles as well.

Premium Water Filtration System

One of the most important factors you need to consider when using a hot tub is the quality of the water. Coleman provides an excellent water filtration system that is highly efficient and easy to use. Maintaining the filters is simple enough, and the result is water that is gentle on your skin and clean when combined with the appropriate chemicals for balancing the water and sanitizing it.

Simple Control Panel With Child-Lock Feature

The control panel that comes on the water pump and heater are simple enough to use for most people. An additional feature that makes all the difference is that it has a child-lock feature to prevent overly curious kids from messing with your settings when you’re not paying attention.

Overall, the Coleman is one of the best selling inflatable hot tubs for a reason. They generally get five star reviews from customers who try them, and the model stands out for its high-tech features and sturdy construction. And it’s a steal at such a low price, so you should hurry up and get one if you find it. They sell out fairly quickly, because most people who try it at a friend’s house consider getting one for themselves.

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