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15 Indian Sleepwear and Loungewear for Women

The human body is made in a way that requires relaxation and comfort after a certain period. With the heavy workload of office and home, you might sometimes feel monotonous about the little things around you, like the outfit you are wearing today. 

Home is supposed to make a person feel in the most pleasurable space. In case, your lounge wears and sleepwear are not giving you this feeling, then consider changing the collection. A lot of you would be confused or unaware of the outfits which can be worn at home that will provide innumerable amounts of comfort and ease. 

Before learning about reliable outfits in this category, it is important to understand the thin line of difference between loungewear and sleepwear. Loungewear is essentially an outfit that you can wear either at your home or sometimes when you go outside for running small errands. However, sleepwear for women is an outfit that one wears during sleep time. 

Both have their importance in a woman’s life. Therefore procuring the best nightwear for women along with some loungewear is of utmost importance. Nowadays online shopping websites like Bewakoof are coming up with an array of options in such outfits. 


Sleepwear and loungewear for women that are available online are listed below in this article for your reference: 


  • T-shirt and boxer set: In contemporary times, your oversized tee along with the boxer is the style statement everyone is vouching for, especially the youngsters. 

  • Nighty: This is a very timeless outfit for women primarily for bedtime purposes. Experts say, when we are asleep, the blood circulation of the body is very important. Therefore, loose clothes help the purpose very well. 

  • Short Nighty: This one outfit is the same as the usual nighties. The only difference is the shorter size, which saves a person from extreme heat by giving breathable vibes. 

  • T-shirt dress:  Some tee dresses like the Women’s All Over Printed Night Dress on Bewakoof is the perfect pick for a cozy and comfortable night. 

  • Sleep Shirt:  Now grab your boyfriend’s shirt, an oversized one and get the best feeling of a sleep shirt like never before. Though make sure that the texture is soft enough to keep your skin healthy. 

  • Top and Capri Set: This is the all-time favourite outfit for a lot of us since childhood. However, the outfit continues to steal the show like the earlier times. If you are looking for something comfy, so that when required you can quickly go out and run your errands, then go for it. 

  • Playsuit: The small versions of a jumpsuit that provides utmost comfort and breathing space to women. 

  • Night Kaftans: A long robe-type outfit, typically worn by women and rarely men in different parts of the world. It is generally loose, comfortable and extremely stylish. 

  • Laced Nightwear: These nightwears are a little stylish with lace decorations all over and you can keep these for special occasions. 

  • Drawstring Hoodies: Best for the winter season, this is a top and bottom wear with a hood and provides you utmost comfort for usual loungewear purposes and sleepwear as well. 

  • Nightgowns: This outfit is especially worn in the bedtime regime by ladies. It is a combination of a gown and a nighty. 

  • Oversized T-shirts: Pick an oversized tee of your choice and convert it into nightwear. You can also pair it with flip-flops or sneakers and run for a quick grocery shopping.

  • Tank top with shorts: The most relaxing outfit for the summer season is this particular one. It’s a sleeveless top with a pair of shorts. 

  • Jumpsuit: Don’t want to take up the hassle of wearing top and bottom? Slip into the softest and most comfortable pair of jumpsuits to rock the evening. 


So, make your nights and home stay even better with a collection on Bewakoof. Prioritize comfort over anything else and grab the latest deals today. The Tribe Members will get an additional discount on every product. 


Zaraki Kenpachi