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How to Crack AIIMS MBBS 2024 – Best Preparation Tips and Tricks

It takes a lot of effort to be a part of the most prominent medical institution in the country. ‘How to crack the AIIMS MBBS exam’ is a hot question today. Millions of aspirants from all parts of the country apply to this most prestigious Indian medical exam, but only a few thousand get their dreams to come true. So, what goes on into the hard work that toppers put for their AIIMS preparation strategy? We tell you about it in this post with our useful tips on how to crack the AIIMS MBBS entrance exam.

Start Early

Starting early is the key to success in any competitive exam. Students appear for AIIMS MBBS entrance exam every year, but not all are entirely prepared for it. That means, when you go into the exam with your preparations done correctly, you can already leave behind a lot of competition that gives this exam just for the sake of it. If you are confident of the basic concepts of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, then 8-9 months of rigorous practice can quickly help you rank high.

But if you need a look over the concepts of class 11th and 12th, then getting teachers and coaching for a year is something that you must consider. Parents make their kids start with coaching for AIIMS MBBS in the age of as early 15 years. So, knowing what is at stake, you must start early too.

Standard Books First

People will always suggest all sorts of magic books that claim to help you crack the AIIMS Exam 2024 in a year or few months. Always remember, books with such titles are nothing but gimmicks. You must keep in mind that the AIIMS exam is created by keeping students of all backgrounds in mind. Students with even bad economic conditions and from remote regions apply for MBBS Entrance Exam. 

AIIMS prepares its exam by not considering any coaching or foreign-author books that you have studied, but the standardized syllabus used throughout the country. So, reading the NCERT books and preparing them is the best way to study concise and within syllabus material. Too many texts or over-focusing on coaching material will only dislodge you from the right path of study. If coaching is your way of preparing, then make sure that the curriculum is strictly following the syllabus.

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Previous Year Questions

With last year’s questions, you get to know the difficulty level of an exam. If you wonder how to crack the AIIMS MBBS exam without coaching, then the regular practice of the previous year’s questions is very crucial. With practice, you get used to the structure and pattern of questions that appear in the exams. You will also get the confidence by the fact that these questions are nothing more than an extension of the basics that you studied in your NCERTs. What we would suggest here is that you don’t go overboard with these questions and jump on to solving question papers right away. Find sources where you can get chapter wise questions from previous years, and attempt them after completing NCERT.

Online Mock Tests

Mocks will get you used to sit for the prescribed time of 3 hours and 30 minutes attempting your exam. By giving mock tests, you can learn your strengths and weaknesses and span your time over topics accordingly. Note that you do not need to score a perfect 200 right answers to crack AIIMS MBBS. Depending on the difficulty of the exam, the cut-offs may go high or low. So, make sure to do your best with the preparations and not attempt any other questions that may take up your already limited time. 

It is also suggested that you start taking up the mock exams, not before the three months of your entrance exam date. Students often attempt them without thoroughly preparing; only to lose confidence with poor scores. Try to get at least 70% of your syllabus completed by February, and then start with mocks by regularly attempting them till May, when the exam is conducted.

Clearing the Doubts

You don’t want to keep sitting on doubts for too long. Getting your answers at the right time is what keeps you going and doesn’t let you lose time. If you are taking up coaching, it is time you don’t shy away. Ask for the smallest of the clarifications over the topics which may be bothering you. Self preparing students rely on their school teachers and friends to get their queries cleared, which isn’t a wrong way to learn as hard-earned things stay with you longer. However, not having dedicated coaching and waiting for answers consumes a lot of time. Joining educational groups over social media and sites like Quora can help you get instant answers.

These are a few simple hacks that will keep you on the answers to your questions on how to prepare for the AIIMS MBBS exam 2024. Give your best shot at the exam, and you are assured of having amazing results. If things don’t go your way, then there is no reason to lose heart as the limited seats, and fierce competition has been doing the same to many brilliant minds over the years. But this does not mean that one can’t be a doctor if they do not make it to the AIIMS. In fact, after their graduation, it doesn’t matter where it was done. 

Numerous people go to prestigious universities to study MBBS in China and many other countries. Skills and degrees from these universities are in no way lesser to that of AIIMS. So, you must go into the exams without any pressure of it having your only chance at being a doctor. Always remember that there are options.

Zaraki Kenpachi