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How to Become an AWS Certified Solutions Architect?

Generally, there are three different AWS certifications- AWS Certification Solutions Architect, AWS Certified Developer, and AWS Certified SysOps Administrator. Two different levels are created for all these exams- Associate and Professional. Individuals who wish to ace the professional level must have an experience of the associate. 

In this article, we will outline AWS Certified Solutions Architect in detail. So, if you wish to crack this certification, read on until the end for extensive help.

What Happens In The Exam?

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect is focused on architecture. It is instrumental and helps create a sound foundation for other certifications you may require. 

The exams may occur in on-site testing spaces. Generally, the minimum passing grade is 65%. Naturally, you have to score more if you want to create a good reputation. The exam paper may contain 60 questions, of which many may have the possibility of multiple responses. You will be expected to answer the entire question paper in under 80 minutes precisely. However, most individuals complete the exam in half the time. Also, with a handful of research and learning, you can easily score above the minimum grade set forth by them. So, an AWS certification course could be very beneficial.

Generally, there are no trick questions. Most of them are pretty straightforward to answer, saving the individual a great deal of time and energy. Also, most questions only have one possible answer so you can be stress-free. The question paper is full of versatile scenarios. While some are related to a single service, others may be based on methods where services were involved in providing solutions for a business case. 

What Do The Contents Of The Exam Paper Include? 

The entire exam paper will be classified into four different sections. 

  1. Designing highly available, cost-efficient, fault-tolerant, scalable systems will make for 60% of the question paper. These are compulsory to answer so you have to prepare for them in detail. In this section, most questions will be based on real-world scenarios. So, you will be expected to answer them accordingly. If you indulge in dedicated AWS training and certification, you can successfully score well in this section.
  2. Next comes implementation and deployment that constitutes around 10% of the paper. These are surprisingly easy and scoring. The questions in this section will deal with familiar scenarios and basic facts. So, answering them should not be a problem. With resourceful AWS certification training, it will only get more accessible for you.
  3. The third section that comprises data security is the most challenging of all the categories. So, you may have to work harder on this one. Since they make up approximately 20% of the question paper, it is wise to study them carefully. This section will require extensive cloud security knowledge. So, you have to be prepared.
  4. The final category known as troubleshooting constitutes 10% of the question paper. By far, it is as easy as it gets. Again, this section is very scoring, so it is mainly beneficial for you. With basic AWS cloud knowledge, you will find your way to scoring well in it. 

What Are The Important Resources For AWS Certification?

  • Tireless Practice 

The paper will mostly contain scenario-based questions. That is why you must have extensive practice to answer them smartly. Udemy’s A Cloud Guru Online course can be helpful for you. As this course is specially prepared for this examination, it will help you score well. The system will offer the necessary cloud computing knowledge you need. 

  • Mock Exam

If you want to acquaint yourself with the real-world AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam, it is wise to indulge in mock examinations. The exam will give you an extensive insight into how you have to answer each question. It will also furnish your performance, writing and speed skills put together. 

  • White Papers

White papers provide comprehensive knowledge about any topic. AWS Cloud developer white papers will thus come in handy. The best whitepaper for this purpose would be Overview Of Security Processes. It is easy to understand, so you are less likely to face any issues. 


The AWS DevOps cloud certification is significant to study. Once you are ready, you will be all set to score well in this AWS certification exam.

Zaraki Kenpachi