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How ICF Certified Mentor Program can make you an efficient mentor

Mentoring hours is a mandatory requirement for applying for any ICF credentialed program. While an ACC or PCC coach can be an effective mentor to a coach trainee, this role requires immeasurable skills and depth, then just being able to Coach. Becoming a coach is a process of self–discovery, and a mentor coach is the hand one holds on to this journey that can be enlightening. Therefore, the role of the mentor coach is crucial. Skilled & qualified mentor coaches can help potential coaches reach for the best that they can offer as coaches.

What is the MCCP or the Mentor Coach Certification Program?

The MCCP program is meant for coaches who want to add to their skills and become mentor coaches. This program is aligned with ICF requirements of mentoring. It is, however, not an ICF accreditation. It provides depth in the coaching skills of an existing coach. Its main aim is to help accredited coaches acquire skills to become mentor coaches. These mentor coaches can then help coaches in their journey to becoming ICF certified coaches.

Mentor coaching involves a significant amount of upskilling, and this program goes much deeper than the levels reached for ACC or PCC accreditation. It pushes one to stop thinking just like a coach and instead take the time and space to think and ideate like a Mentor to another coach. It’s a blend of mentoring and coaching.

The MCCP program usually is inclusive of classroom training (virtual/face to face), self-learning as well as practice sessions.

Who can apply for the Mentor Coach Training Program?

Individuals who wish to be certified mentors can enrol in the MCCP Program. This program requires a commitment of hours, deep work and a desire to become a guide to other coaches. Hence, people committed to being mentor coaches should apply for this program.

The Mentor Coach Training Program is ideal for

  •       ICF credentialed ACC or PCC coaches
  •       Coaches who want to strengthen their coaching skills
  •       Coaches who wish to add mentoring to their portfolio

Why should you enrol in the MCCP Program?

You can indeed start mentoring Coaches even without the MCCP certification but, a more enhanced level of understanding and guidance is needed to be a mentor coach. The MCCP program takes a coach to another level of becoming a Mentor Coach – someone who prospective coaches look up to and turn to for guidance/mentoring in their coaching.

Advantages of MCCP

  •            MCCP is highly beneficial for accredited coaches who want to utilize mentoring skills in coaching sessions. It deepens your coaching skills, and as a professional, you get a better understanding of yourself which can aid you in understanding and mentoring others.
  •            After completing this course, you gain emotional intelligence and situational wisdom by which you can mentor others better. With effective structured learning of mentorship and coaching expertise, you can create a relaxed and safe ambiance for your clients during the sessions.
  •            MCCP trained coaches to learn all about the dos and don’ts of ICF standards. With this knowledge, you can implement your learned knowledge better while guiding others. You, being a certified mentor, listen carefully, are unbiased, and give a neutral suggestion. Through this program, you learn not to form an opinion beyond your professional boundaries.

The MCCP program will make you an efficient Mentor Coach by:

  •       Taking you on a journey of Self-discovery, ideation, as well as learning. This course will help you add to your strengths and delve deeper into your personality. You will become empathetic towards your clients’ problems and handle every situation with care.
  •       It serves to make you a better coach with the help of the vigorous and meticulous training of experienced ICF mentor Coaches. One-on-one training with experienced teacher coaches help you gain cognizance, and you learn all the nuances to become a successful mentor coach.
  •       It will help you qualify to become a mentor to coach other coaches looking to gain ICF accreditation. By being a certified mentor coach, you are eligible to professionally coach trainees pursuing ACC or PCC credentials pathways, such as ACTP or ACSTH courses.
  •       It will also allow you to mentor coaches who are looking to renew their ICF accreditation. Certified coaching institutes across the world can hire you as their institute mentors for mentoring students through various courses provided.
  •        And finally, the MCCP program provides you insight and perception needed to guide other coaches on their journey to become ICF certified coaches. As you are trained by skilled ICF-certified mentors of the MCCP program, you are able to pick up all the skills needed to become an effective Mentor to potential coaches.  On completion of the program, you will find yourself skilled enough to be able to guide and mentor other coaches on their path to ACC/ PCC accreditation.

The MCCP program, thus, is ideal for coaches who are currently practicing and want to add mentoring skills to their portfolio. After completion of the Certified Mentor Program you can easily qualify to become a mentor coach with any institute or can freelance as a mentor coach too.


Zaraki Kenpachi