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How to Choose the Best Estate Planning Attorney

Blissfully, older adults seem to lead the pack in preparing a will or living trust. According to a study done by caring.com, 60% of American adults don’t have a will or living trust. At the same time, adults aged 18 – 45 years lag at getting these documents.

Most people assume that the best estate planning attorney is only meant for the rich, people with vast real estate. Despite the size of your property, sourcing real estate planning services is crucial.

Keep reading to see massive tips to help you hire the right estate planning lawyer.

Ask for Recommendations

Your family and friends are a good start point as they know you and can predict which estate planning attorney you would prefer. Be cautious of any hidden agenda, especially if you own large real estate and the person giving recommendations stands to gain. Vet an estate planning lawyer before hiring.

When you’ve got a lawyer you use for other needs, ask whether he/she can recommend a reliable estate planning attorney. A lawyer will have extensive knowledge of another lawyer’s status and professional reputation.

Understand Attorney’s Fees

Price is a crucial consideration in choosing a real estate attorney. Keep in mind how much you can spend and get a lawyer whose charges you can afford.

Some lawyers offer free consultations while others don’t. Some provide free consultation for a few hours and then start charging after that. Before the first meeting with any real estate attorney, make sure you understand their policy.

Visit Your State or Local Bar Association’s Website

This eases the search process as bar associations have a list of their members, and you can search by specialty. State bar associations offer lawyer referral services that allow you to meet a pre-screened lawyer. This is after answering a few general quizzes regarding your needs.

The referral service for the initial consultation is much cheaper than what attorneys will charge in person.

Search for Attorneys Who Are Board-Certified Specialists

Law is a vast field; thus, most states allow lawyers to be certified specialists in a given area, such as estates and trusts. If professional certification is available in your state, the bar association will have information on it. Choose a certified real estate planning attorney over an uncertified one.

To be certified, an attorney must have attained a specified experience level. Besides, the lawyer has to take extra courses in that area of law and submit several professional references. Undoubtedly, such an attorney will offer the best estate planning services.

Hire the Best Estate Planning Attorney to Get Reliable Legal Services

Hiring estate planning services decide what will happen to your real estate when you die. It will therefore be crucial only to engage the best estate planning attorney. In the long run, you’ll be at peace that your heirs will peacefully share your real estate.

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Zaraki Kenpachi