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Natural Care for Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment

If you have or know someone who suffers from Hidradenitis Suppurativa then you know how painful this reoccurring condition is. In order for Hidradenitis Suppurativa treatment to be successful, you will have to integrate medical technology and natural homoeopathic remedies.

If you have this skin condition and experience increased pain, or the condition appears to be spreading because it is occurring in several areas of your body, then seek medical treatment with a licensed dermatologist.

The following natural methods of treatment for this condition can help to alleviate pain and reduce the number of outbreaks you have. Although these treatments are completely natural you may want to discuss them with your medical team prior to beginning to use them.

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Pain Management

You can often manage the pain of this skin condition with a warm cloth or a tea bag compress. Apply the warm compress for a ten-minute period.

Wear Loose Fitting Garments

Wearing tight-fitting garments can cause friction to occur in the areas where you are most prone to having an outbreak. Choose garments that are light and loose.

Reduce the Possibility of Skin Injury

When the skin is injured the painful symptoms of this disease are more likely to be experienced. Avoid injuring your skin to reduce outbreaks. For instance, do not squeeze a blackhead or a pimple. For instance, do not squeeze a blackhead or a pimple but use a special blackhead remover if you want to get rid of it immediately. Also, you should not shave in the area where you most frequently have outbreaks.

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Control your Weight

Your diet and your weight can play a big role in your skin condition. For instance, diets high in high glycemic foods like white potatoes, rice, and white bread can increase your chances of having more painful outbreaks. On the other hand, diets that are centred on whole grain products, low-fat meats, and fresh fruits and vegetables can lower your chances of skin outbreaks, as well as lowering your weight in a healthy manner.

Caring for your Skin Naturally

One of the biggest things you can do to help reduce your chances of having this condition reoccur is to take proper care of your skin. For example; do not use loofahs, washcloths, or similar items when bathing. These items can be contaminated with the germs that can spread the skin condition. You want to use a disposable cloth when you bathe.

Germs and contaminants that can cause your skin to have a break-out of this condition can be found on bar soaps. You should consider using liquid soaps because the germs cannot be transferred inside the soap container.

Although antibacterial soap ingredients will help to kill the bacteria on your skin, they can also dry out your skin and increase your break-out. If you are thinking of using an antibacterial soap try this instead, soaps that contain honey, cinnamon or clove oil.

Hidradenitis suppurativa treatments are widely varied, and some of them are costly and painful. Living Norm details the natural ingredients in soaps designed to help prevent this condition.

Zaraki Kenpachi