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5 Common Myths Revolving Around Melasma

Glowing skin is what almost every individual under the sun craves. However, only a few people make this dream a reality. Different environmental conditions are the reasons behind many skin conditions which interfere with the individual’s skin tone. For example, you are more likely to develop blemished patches on your skin after extreme sunlight exposure. Despite being harmless, melasma in Glen Allen can ignite embarrassment and low self-esteem among the victims due to reduced attractiveness. Many people have never heard of this condition, which has led to misunderstanding. Therefore it is important to misspell the following misconception revolving around melisma.

1. Pregnancy is the Only Cause of This Condition

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Many women usually develop this condition during their pregnancy due to hormonal changes. This instance has left some individuals believing that all melasma cases come at this stage. However, the reality is that other factors, such as diet, can contribute to this condition. A shortage of zinc and vitamin D can increase your vulnerability to this skin condition.

2. Sunscreen Is No Longer Necessary if You Have This Condition

After developing melasma from excessive exposure to UV rays, you may feel like it is no longer necessary to continue using sunscreen to protect your skin. Your move would be wrong since you could get other skin conditions, such as age spots and skin cancer, alongside your rough patches. Therefore, you should continue protecting your skin from direct sunlight even after getting the melasma.

3. There Is No Cure for Melasma

This misconception can have deadly consequences. Essentially when individuals with this condition hear that there are no treatment options for melasma, they can be hopeless and get into depression. The reality is that you can get rid of this stubborn condition after seeking effective treatment options from an experienced cosmetic dermatologist. For example, the specialist can help you eliminate the patches through the vampire facial, thus reclaiming your healthy look.

4. Aggressive Scrubbing Will Reduce the Appearance of Melasma

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Exfoliation is a vital exercise when removing damaged and dead skin to encourage the development of new healthy skin. However, this practice has nothing to do with lessening the melasma appearance. Aggressive skin exfoliation will increase the severity of this condition due to irritation.

5. Men Cannot Get the Melasma

Melasma is prevalent in pregnant women, which has left many people thinking that men are safe from this condition which is not the case. Men can also get this condition since they experience hormonal changes and genetics, which trigger this condition. However, it is more common in men with dark-skinned tones than in light-skinned men.

Are you living with skin pigmentation? Do not ignore it since you could suffer from melasma, affecting your attractiveness. The above-debunked misconceptions will help you clear the air as you pursue an effective treatment for this condition at Absolute Dermatology & Skin Cancer Center. The facility has a team of skilled dermatologists who offer different treatment approaches to patients with this stressful skin condition. Make an online booking or call their office today to get started.

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