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How to choose the Plunge Router – Buying guide?

Before we dive into it, we must know what a plunge router is. When it comes to a modern woodshop, you cannot deny the importance of a router. From cabinetry or to rout wood, you always need a perfect router.

And things get easy if you are dealing with a plunge router. As routers are known as versatile tools, as a woodworker, you can use routers as a versatile tool. In terms of a plunge router, the base of this is very much versatile than the others. 

Here, we will talk about how to choose a plunge router for all your woodworks! Let’s dive right into it!

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Buyer’s Guide for Plunge Router


There are trim routers and mid-sized routers. If you want to get good performance and you also want to cover more of the base, settle for a mid-sized router. These basically will require a two-handed operation so that you can get more cover. 

These are an all-rounder and can go for all the tasks you need. The best part of the plunge router is this includes handles and motors that are mounted higher. And so, it can easily facilitate the motion of plunging!

Adjustable Speed 

When you are going for any plunge router, go for the one that has variable speed. While you are using the router, you must be able to change the speed. By changing the speed, you will be able to change the speed. For a different task, you can go for different accuracy. 

Go for the one that includes small bits if you want to cut in a clean manner. On the other hand, if you are up for large bits, you will need to keep the speed slower. 

Spindle Lock

For making bit changes, there are several plunge routers that need dual wrenches. Both of these wrenches work differently. One of them will be able to hold the motor shaft. The other one will tighten or loosen the collet. 

If you are getting a plunge router in which you are not able to move the motor, you will surely need this feature. 

Adjustment of the Table 

If you are up for a routing session that is more convenient and to be more precise, you must settle for the perfect adjustment of the table. First of all, go for a router that helps you in cutting from the above table. Here, you will require a crank or handle. 

After you get it, you must get a router that is able to extend the collet above the table. It will help you in changing the bits and you will never need to lift out the machine! Go for ATA machines, you will get both of these facilities! 

Electronic Feedback Circuitry 

The durability of the device is very much necessary. And if you want to ensure this, the electronic feedback circuitry is necessary. Measuring the load for balancing it with the output torque is necessary. And this feature helps you out in doing so. 

Soft Start 

If you are tuning your router to the full speed, your router will blast up for sure! And to prevent that, you will need a soft start! If you have used a plunge router before, you will know that the noise of the router is startling. On the other hand, the high power can make the machine jerk in your hands. 

And this is where the soft start will help you. If you have this feature, there will be a pause after it is powered. And the router will accelerate slowly to the regular speed. This feature is subtle and so, if you are going for the plunge router for beginners, this feature is a must-have. 


Now that you know all the required features and attributes of a plunger router, you must get your one on your hands soon. Go through the features we have mentioned here. Also, make sure that if you are a beginner, settle for the easy-to-use plunge router. 

If you are into woodworks, you are going to regret buying a plunge router if you follow our guide. Try the best plunge router and let us know how you felt!

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