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Providing Landscape Products to Clients in Lincoln, California

At Rock Pros Landscaping Supply we strive to ensure that your project will succeed. The soil, sand, and flagstone we offer are ideal for both commercial and residential projects. We have all the materials and products you need to create beautiful yards, gardens, and more at Rock Pros Landscaping Supply. Our landscaping materials are of high quality, and our prices are highly competitive in Lincoln, CA.

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With Rock Pros’ sand, various projects can be completed. Utility sand produced for PG&E is not just useful for backfilling, but can also be used for a variety of general purposes. Sandboxes, playground equipment, and waterfront entrances are ideal places to use play sand because of its soft and fine texture. Lath and plaster are best made with stucco sand. At Rock Pros Landscaping Supply, we’re ready to provide you with sand, whatever the purpose may be.


Flagstone can be found in many landscaping designs and has been popular for decades. As a landscape supply company, Rock Pros Landscaping Supply provides flat stones that are usually used in paving, decorative projects, and walkways, among other things. Slate, sandstone, and quartzite flagstones come in a range of colors, patterns, and shapes. The versatility of flagstone makes it a great choice for landscaping projects of all kinds. The appearance of Rock Pros flagstone can be used to complement any theme.


To complete any landscaping project, choosing the right soil is essential. Plant beds, lawns, sod, and other grassy areas benefit from 50:50 or 70:30 mixtures. By incorporating the right soil mixture for planting and growing, nutrient retention and durability are maximized. Organic compost and screened top soil provide healthy plants and aesthetically pleasing installations. We offer a wide selection of soil products to help with your landscaping project at Rock Pros.

Rock Pros Landscaping Supply is your one-stop shop for landscaping supplies and expert advice. If you need any help creating the perfect landscape, please do not hesitate to contact us. You will also not have to spend a fortune on completing the task. We can supply you with everything you need for any project, whether it’s for a home or business. No matter what your landscape needs may be, we are sure to have something that can meet them.


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