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Useful Sand Painting On Glass?

Sand painting on glass – both new and well-forgotten old art techniques. Nowadays, it is famous all over the world because of its expressiveness and ease of implementation. Create incredibly beautiful, and most importantly, lifestyle patterns with the help of ordinary dry sand can help even a child. Nowadays, sand painting on glass has become accessible to everyone and at home. Therefore, let us consider some critical aspects related to the said art form.


No doubt create a sand painting is interesting to every person as a child and adult. But in fact, this kind of creativity is not limited to get pleasure. Mainly sand painting technique on glass develops your imagination, the ability to instantly change the usual forms, create a transformation. In all of this, in the first place, it is actively working on your brain, which adapts to think faster. It also develops abstract thinking, spatial perception, fantasy, imagination, a person begins to think more broadly. In addition, because while drawing in the sand, you mainly zadeystvuete their hands, technically they will start working at the same wavelength in the brain.


Continuing with the previous paragraph, I would also like to mention the healing properties of sand. People have long known that natural materials have sedative properties. He can save people from stress, cure depression, adjust it to a significant accurate and balanced flow. That is why sand painting on glass is twice as much healing therapy. At the same time, one engages in favorite businesses, which develop his mind and the subconscious mind, returning to the normalcy of his nerve cells. If you constantly proceed with all these things, the mental anxiety characteristic of many modern people will gradually recede, and in its place comes a balanced and gentle nature.


Equipment – this is the first that will be useful to future “sandy” artists. The list includes three parts: a table with specific parameters, lamps, and natural sand. The surface of the section for cool drawing idea should be made of glass. It is also desirable that the coating and matte are passed only by the light itself and not the whole picture of the table. For starters, the ideal choice is a table with a small glass frame that forms bumpers. So the sand does not wake up on the floor, and each picture becomes more specific and clear. Your preferences determine leg height. Someone who likes to create such masterpieces, squatting, others prefer to stand. Under the table is placed either a lamp or flashlight. Preparing it all, you can proceed to select sand, which will form the basis of your paintings.


Many say that the art of sand painting on glass does not depend on whether it is a natural material that you opt for it. Maybe this statement is suitable for professionals or amateurs. However, if you are a beginner, it is still necessary to choose the most high-quality material, for which it will be easier and more enjoyable. He was at work. So, if you choose, without more ado, to collect sand in the yard near the house, then do with it in several ways. First, sift sand to clean it of debris and black specks. Then wash under running water, removes unnecessary dust and street dirt. After it has dried a bit and most of the water has been drained, it glows in the oven for two hours. Once the sand has cooled, it can use to create patterns on the glass. If you can assemble sea or river sand of different shades and patterns, the pictures will be more original and impressive.


Practicing this kind of art always starts with the fact that everything is done very simply here. If the standard children’s art school is taught first to make sketches and then create a silhouette, shadow play, and many other nuances, then there is the whole problem just that you need to understand the sum of the lines and pass true all the dimensions to the one you are trying to draw. That is why sand painting on glass has a small animated character moving. By varying the position of each of the grains, you can animate images to change people’s faces and shapes of objects to create real lives and surreal landscapes. Focusing more or,


Sure, pictures painted on the glass table with sand, artwork. However, to stay here, like “Mona Lisa” and other beautiful masterpieces, they, alas, can not. To capture a similar picture can be human memory or camera, but ultimately still not be able to pass all the lines of events and transitions that can be seen live. Therefore, images created by sand are often referred to as short-term works of genius, which can only leave an impression on your mind, feelings, and sense of beauty.

Zaraki Kenpachi