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Here are Five Things to Ask When Choosing a Juicer

The importance of healthy eating is becoming increasingly apparent in today’s society. Today, millions of people are eating more healthily and drinking more water. They are also longing for fruit or vegetable juices and a glass of fresh juice after every meal. Since we all know how crucial it is for your body to take in minerals and vitamins from freshly squeezed juices (fruit or vegetable), you should consider purchasing a juicer.

masticating juicers

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There are, however, some things you need to consider before you buy a juicer. Juicers are one of those things that are so easy to buy only to discover that they are not as good as you thought they were. To help you find the best juicer, this post includes helpful information and a comparison chart.

  • How much do you want to spend on a juicer? What type of juicer do you want?

A number of features, designs, and models affect the price of a juicer. The citrus press is the simplest type of juicer, and you can either get the triturating juicer, the masticating juicer or even the centrifugal juicer depending upon your budget. In accordance with, masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers are the more expensive juicers, while the citrus press is the least expensive. Thus, you need to have a budget in place before starting your search.

  • What fruit and vegetable juices can be made with the juicer?

According to the types of juicers that we discussed above, the citrus press was designed to juice citrus fruits and would be useless for juicing hard vegetables and fruits. To make sure that your juicer can handle tough fruits and vegetables such as apples and carrots, purchase one that can grind up those ingredients.

  • What is the cleaning process like for your juicer?

It’s always healthier to juice, but juicers are messy, to be honest. Juice leaves behind pulp for you to clean up after you fill your glass with it. Some juice extractors can be cleaned easier than others. For this reason, it is imperative that you choose a juicer that is easy to clean so that your next juicing experience is as clean as possible.

  • Can you make use of the juicer in the kitchen because of its size and weight?

Using these gadgets for the first time can be a little overwhelming, especially since some of them have many compartments. Juicers can vary in size and difficulty of operation, so you should choose one that is convenient and smaller in size. You just need a juicer until you can extract juice from different fruits and vegetables.

  • Finally, is there a warranty on this juicer?

The importance of this often goes unnoticed. Finding a juicer with more than a one-year warranty is a good idea, since most juicers only come with a one-year warranty. Before choosing an item, don’t rush into buying it; compare various models, different designs, prices, and warranty durations.

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