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FAQs answered: CMA CGM container tracking

Container tracking facilities have become a part of the international shipping industry. Exporters and importers are utilising the benefits of detailed information and updates. This service has eliminated the uncertainty and risk of loss and theft considerably. With the support of container service providers and shipping companies offering online tracking, exporters can keep their teams and importers posted about the freight shipment. But is the process as simple as it sounds? No, traders who are accustomed to the traditional methods of shipping find it difficult to grasp these online facilities, especially when it comes to CMA CGM container tracking. 

Yes, CMA CGM is one of the popularised container service providers in the international market. Thousands of traders across the world rely upon its services and freight charges. Adapting to this new online system can take time and be confusing for most traders. Understanding the importance and uses of container tracking in this industry is crucial. So, let us discuss some of the frequently asked questions by new traders and the ones who have conflicting thoughts about CMA CGM container tracking. For a detailed discussion, click here to know more

Addressing queries related to services like container tracking helps get a hold of the process! 

Common FAQs Regarding CMA CGM container tracking

The container tracking system can be something of a question mark for most traders. Is it possible to track a cargo that is far away in the sea? Yes, it is possible, and CMA CGM container tracking is the proof. Here are some queries people always raise about the same. 

1. Where Can I Get Container Tracking Service? 

Container tracking service is available on two kinds of platforms. One is the official portal of the container service provider, and the second is any third-party portal hosted by a shipping service provider. Both these options are accessible by traders who have a valid reference for the tracking system. 

2. Does It Tell The Exact Location of The Cargo? 

Yes, if one chooses the right portal that has high-end technology configuration and strong GPS connectivity, it is possible to get the exact location of the cargo. In most cases, the tracker is attached to the container for CMA CGM container tracking. Therefore, one gets to follow the location as long as his cargo is inside the shipping container. 

3. Is Bill of Lading Important For Container Tracking?

Yes, the Bill of Lading number plays as the key to the container tracking service. If one uses the CMA CGM website, there is an option that asks if he wants the Bill of Lading as the reference ID. In the case of third-party websites, B/L is the most preferred option. 

4. How Does Container Tracking Work?

The most simple answer is that tracking devices are attached to shipping containers that transmit data through satellites. We get to follow the feed that the network receives through that satellite access. 

5. Do I Need Any Special Software For Tracking?

No, there is no need to download any software to use CMA CGM container tracking. However, if one uses any mobile application of a shipping service provider, then it is necessary to download the updated version of the application for accurate information. 

6. Is There Any Particular Website For Tracking Services?

No, no specific or unique website offers just container tracking service. Traders either need to use the official website of CMA CGM or go for a third-party website option. Also, it is better not to rely upon anonymous sites that claim to offer container tracking facilities. The reliability of information plays a vital role here. 

7. Does Tracking Offer Real-Time Updates of The Cargo?

Yes, traders get to access the real-time updates of their cargo using both kinds of websites. However, one should ensure the quality of the website and technology used by the portal as real-time feed works slow on some sites. Son, one might wind up following the wrong and late updates of the location and convey the same to his importer. 

8. What Is The Documentation Requirement For Container Tracking? 

One either needs the container number, Bill of Lading or booking number to use a container tracking service. There is no exclusive documentation required for this service. These shipping documents serve as reference IDs for the process. One must check the IDs and numbers thoroughly before entering the tracking process. 

Key Takeaways From The Discussion 

CMA CGM container tracking is an easy and convenient procedure. Traders just need connectivity to the best online portal to get the details. It is best to use a third-party neutral website for better coverage and real-time updates. Also, one must make the most of this facility to maintain healthy associations with their clients. 

Container tracking services are to benefit traders and shippers. It brings a smooth flow to the shipping process and eliminates uncertainty. Traders must find the best source for availing of this service. Utilise these services the most by following a reliable website! 

Zaraki Kenpachi