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What Are The Odds Of PSG Winning The Champions League 2024/23

When we look at the value of players and many other factors, it was a bit of a surprise that Real Madrid managed to win another CL title last season. They managed to prove that experience is one of the most important factors. On the other side, some clubs are investing a lot of money every season by bringing in some of the best players in the world, but they are still struggling to pick up this trophy.

A lot of people are already speculating who has the best chance of winning this competition in the season 22/23. Now might be the best moment to pick a club if you want to bet on it because the odds are much higher at this moment. They usually go down as the final is getting closer. If you want to check the latest odds, visit betFIRST. In this article, we are going to analyze more about PSG and the chances for it to finally win this competition.

What Are Bookies Saying?

It is not a surprise that this club is positioned very high according to bookkeepers. They have the same or similar position as they do almost every year in the modern era after they made all those huge transfers. The only club that is given more chances than them at the moment is Manchester City, and you can win x3.5 of the invested money if they win.

The club from France is in second place, and the odds for it are 6. There are only two other clubs where the odds are under 10, which are Liverpool and Bayern Munich, both with odds of around 7. They are followed by the current Champion from Spain, Tottenham, and Chelsea. The remaining favorites are Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, and Juventus. However, if any of these three manage to win the title, it would be a huge surprise.

What Are the Real Chances?

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When we look at their team, it is not a surprise that they are positioned so high in terms of winning probability. They have one of the best, and for many people, the best player of all time, Lionel Messi. Besides him, there are other superstars in the team, like Mbappe, Neymar, Ramos, and more. They have a balanced team full of both experienced players and young talents who are waiting to reach their full potential.

Also, they have an extraordinary start to the season. The especially important detail is that it seems like Messi finally managed to find his spot in this team, and that be seen by his performance in the first three games where he scored three and passed two goals. Mbappe continues to show his amazing skills with four goals in three games, while the best player at the moment is Neymar, who struggled a lot in the previous season. He is the best player in the following season with five goals and six assists.

The best way to understand the importance of this trio is when we check the stats. This team scored 17 goals so far, in only three games, and 12 of those goals were scored by this trio. The biggest surprise was a victory against Lille, which is one of the best clubs in France. The victory on its own is not a big surprise. However, they managed to score seven goals in this game, against the club that is known for its strong defense.

When it comes to the CL group, their opponents are Juventus, Benfica, and Maccabi Haifa. The two games against Juventus will be difficult, especially the one that they will play in Turin. However, there is a huge advantage for PSG because Juventus is building a new team, and they had a lot of changes in the defensive line and attack. Also, there is no more defensive duo of Bonucci and Chiellini because only the first one is still in the club. Also, we will see if Bremer can be a proper replacement.

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Moreover, there should be no issues against the Portuguese club, but it is not a game where they should be relaxed as well. Still, the French have the best chance to end as first in this group. They always start great in this part of the season and often end as first in the group. However, the problems often appear in the stages after that.

You have to keep in mind that after the group is over, details are always the thing that is crucial for the results. PSG is the best example of that since they were always losing their games for some minor details and mistakes.

Also, they have a new coach, and his biggest achievement was winning the league with Lille two years ago. He is showing some signs that he managed to create a balanced squad with a focus on a famous attacking trio. However, the issue might be his lack of experience in the Champions League. On the other side, there are players who won this title with other clubs, like Messi, Ramos, and Neymar, and they can provide a lot in terms of tactics against other European clubs.

Last Words

Even though they are positioned very high at the moment as one of the leading favorites to win this championship, it is still early to say that for sure. The season just started, and there are many things that could affect the games.

Other favorites like Liverpool, Bayern, and Manchester City are also known for being great in this competition, and only Liverpool is facing some issues at the start of the domestic season. Their advantage is the experience in the CL.

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On the other side, if the players from PSG continue to work on tactics and if they keep the great form they have at the start of the season, this might finally be the year when they can pick up this trophy. The biggest threat is Manchester City which is also waiting for a long time to reach the same point.

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