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NFL Player Things You Should Definitely Know

The NFL season began in September and that means that fans everywhere have begun to speculate what their favorite team’s statistics will look like at the end of this season. Let’s take a look at some likely NFL team stats, the year when Tom Brady will have retired, Peyton Manning will have thrown over 100 touchdown passes, and Joe Flacco will have officially been remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time! You can check nfl team stats, to know some current statistics to keep an eye on throughout this season.

The New England Patriots will have the most sacks in the NFL

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The New England Patriots will have the most sacks in the NFL in 2024, with a whopping seventy-seven. The Denver Broncos will be second with fifty-eight and the Dallas Cowboys will be third with fifty-three. What’s more, the team that has the fewest sacks will be the Los Angeles Rams, with thirty-nine. And finally, there’s one more stat to mention: Arizona Cardinals defensive end Chandler Jones is projected to have an astounding twenty-eight sacks! If he can keep this up for three more years, he could be heading into the Hall of Fame. It would also help if he never gets injured, which hasn’t been happening very often in his career so far. However, when it does happen it usually takes him awhile before he can get back onto the field again. So don’t count on him getting those twenty-eight sacks in the next three years; odds are not in his favor right now. But if you’re looking for some good news about somebody who isn’t Chandler Jones… look no further than Eli Manning! He’s going to break every single passing record that Drew Brees had by year 2024 because he’ll still be playing while Brees is retired.

The Green Bay Packers will have the most interceptions in the NFL

In 2024, the Green Bay Packers will have the most interceptions in the NFL. They will also have a very high turnover rate due to their tendency to throw deep balls. The Pittsburgh Steelers will be ranked second with six interceptions, followed by the Houston Texans with four interceptions. The New Orleans Saints and Jacksonville Jaguars both tie for fourth place with three interceptions each. With one interception apiece, the Buffalo Bills and Indianapolis Colts round out the top ten. Other teams that made the list are the Detroit Lions (one interception), Tennessee Titans (two interceptions), Chicago Bears (three interceptions) and San Francisco 49ers (four interceptions).

In the last five years, there has been an uptick in sacks around the league. That trend continues into next year as well with nearly every team on our list recording at least twenty sacks or more during that period of time.

The Los Angeles Rams will have the most passing yards in the NFL

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The Los Angeles Rams, who will be coached by Sean McVay, are projected to have the most passing yards in the NFL. McVay led the Rams to a 11-5 record, third place in their division and one playoff win last year. The team’s leading receiver was Robert Woods, who had 1,183 yards on 82 receptions for 15 touchdowns. He also had 12 games with over 100 receiving yards. The team’s leading rusher was Todd Gurley II with 788 yards on 278 carries and six touchdowns. The team’s leading passer was Jared Goff with 3,652 yards on 320 completions for 28 touchdowns and seven interceptions. In his rookie season he completed 54.6% of his passes and threw for 5,202 yards. For comparison Drew Brees passed for 4,334 yards in his first season as an NFL starter and Tom Brady threw 3,620 yards as a rookie starting quarterback. In 2024, players on average make about $3 million per year.: In 2024, players on average make about $3 million per year. Many rookies signed contracts worth between $27 million and $42 million depending on where they were drafted. The Philadelphia Eagles ranked sixth in passing yards with 3,758. They used that skill to lead the league in points scored (467). Their offensive line is anchored by center Jason Kelce, guard Brandon Brooks and tackle Lane Johnson.

The Dallas Cowboys will have the most rushing yards in the NFL

In five years, the Dallas Cowboys will have the most rushing yards in the NFL. They will also be one of three teams to have a quarterback with at least 3,000 passing yards and 2,000 rushing yards. The other two teams are the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings. This is according to a prediction by sports network ESPN’s Adam Schefter and analytics company FiveThirtyEight.

The Cowboys will rank first because they now have one of the best running backs on their roster in Ezekiel Elliott. Last year he finished with 1,631 total yards and 15 touchdowns while playing all 16 games for Dallas. He led the league in both rushing yards (1,890) and average yards per carry (6.1). If Zeke continues this success into next season it won’t be surprising if he earns his second-straight Pro Bowl selection.

For the Vikings, they’re coming off a 2017 season where they ranked 11th overall in total offense and 12th overall in points scored. With Sam Bradford leading that offense there should not be much concern about production at QB despite Teddy Bridgewater returning from injury last week. However, if Bradford can’t play or gets injured during the season there is not much depth behind him either so that might cause some problems for Minnesota come 2020-2024 when Bradford’s contract expires.


In 2024, the Patriots will have won six Super Bowls and Tom Brady will be at the height of his career. The New York Giants will have three championships under Eli Manning’s belt and Carson Wentz is just starting to show glimpses of his potential as a team captain. The Green Bay Packers will have won five championships with Aaron Rodgers at the helm and Andrew Luck has started playing for the Colts again. Drew Brees has led the Saints to their second Super Bowl appearance in 2024, with future Hall of Famer Frank Gore as his running back. Derek Carr is fresh off leading the Raiders to their first Super Bowl victory over Brady’s Patriots and he has two more championships under his belt before retiring from football altogether.

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