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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Took a Break from Trolling Each Other to Document Their Date Night in NYC

On Friday night, masters of trolling/incredible couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds took a break from playfully dragging each other on the internet to genuinely be the cutest on a date night in New York City.

Blake took Ryan to Yankee Stadium for his very first Home Run Derby, the actor revealed in an Instagram post about the night out that also included a sweet selfie he took with his wife at the event.

Blake also posted about the date night, sharing a post on her Instagram grid, as well as several on her Instagram Story, including several highlighting her epic NYC-themed manicure.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are taking a break from their usual trolling ways to be, well, just about the most genuinely sweet couple you could imagine.

On Friday night, Blake and Ryan ventured out of their house for a rare date night in New York City, where the 33-yeah-old actress turned her 44-year-old husband into a ball of childlike wonder and enthusiasm by taking him to his very first Home Run Derby at Yankee Stadium.

“Blake took me to my first home run derby at @yankees stadium tonight,” Ryan explained in the caption of his Instagram post about the date. “They won 10 to nothing. I’m not saying I’m a good luck charm. Just saying @clintfrazierr wants me to play left field for the remainder of my life. (The Red Thunder was an absolute hero tonight

In addition to the gushing caption summarizing the night, Ryan also shared two photos from the evening on his Instagram grid: first, a sweet selfie of him and Blake at the game, in which she leans into to him and is wearing what may be the world’s comfiest sweater, and second, a picture of a hat autographed to him (well, technically to the Green Lantern, but still) by Clint Frazier, aka “Red Thunder.”

Ryan also shared a couple of pictures from the night on his Instagram Story:

This wasn’t one-sided adorableness though. Blake also shared a post about the date night on her grid that included three pictures from the evening—a shot of her posing in a Yankee hat, a picture of her and Ryan holding their new Yankee hats (his signed by Red Thunder, of course), and a sweet, goofy selfie of her own from the stands.





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