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BCCI Planning To Host IPL 2024 Tournament Outside India

We are all aware of the fact that all sporting activities have been temporarily stopped due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. however, they are likely to be resumed in the future, once the situation is under control.

Speaking of sporting activities, IPL 2024 is on the way and the BCCI is yet to make their decision. They are eager to host the event but are unable to decide on the venue. If you want to know the details, then read the story below.

IPL 2024 Tournament Details

The BCCI (Board of Control for Cricket in India) are eager to host the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League. They are waiting for the International Cricket Council to pass their decision on the T20 World Cup in Australia.

One of the officials said that they are yet to decide on the final venue of the event. But considering the current situation, it is most likely going to be held outside the country.

He also added that India’s condition won’t permit them to host the event inside the country.

IPL 2024 is a big event where multiple teams participate. To host the event, they have to first create a safe environment for the players coming in to play and also for the general public. This is why the Cricket Board officials are being so cautious about deciding on the venue of the event.

The official also said that they are considering Sri Lanka and UAE as their options. However, they have to make their decision based on the current situation. They also have to take care of the logistics.

Hosting such a big cricket event is not an easy task and with the ongoing pandemic, things have become more difficult. But the officials are hoping to soon decide on a venue and once they do so, they will let the public know.

Brijesh Patel, IPL chairman has stated that finding a suitable location is not their main concern as both Sri Lankan and UAE cricket boards have agreed to approve the hosting of the event in their countries. The IPL 2014 tournament was held in UAE at a time when the general elections were underway.

He also added that both Sri Lanka Cricket and Emirates Cricket Board are ready to host the IPL. But they are still preferring India, only if they can manage to get permission from the government.

He said that they cannot play in more than 2 to 3 venues in India even if they get permission. But whether they get permission or not is entirely based on how the Covid-19 situation pans out in October. In case, the situation doesn’t permit them to host the event inside the country, then they will decide on an oversea destination. This is the last option they have. 

They are even ready to play without spectators. The matches will be broadcasted live on television. This means the public can sit back in their homes and watch the match from a safe environment.

Covid-19 Situation In India

Currently, the situation is only getting worse in the country. The number of cases is increasing, instead of going down. If this continues till October, then the BCCI officials will be forced to host the event outside India.

For now, they are trying to get the government’s permission to host the event inside the country as India is their first preference. If they get permission, they will limit the matches to 3 to 4 venues. Also, they will be playing the matches behind closed doors which means no spectators will be allowed to come to the gallery. Checkout this website for more: https://indianabettingonline.com/

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