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Biggest eyewear trends for men and women in 2024

There are so many eyewear trends uplifting UK street fashion right now. When you style them correctly, you can make a powerful fashion statement with your eyeglasses.

Specs have become more about ‘how people see you’ than ‘how you see’. However, having so many frame choices at your disposal can be quite overwhelming. There is a fine line between stylish and tacky. To make sure that you nail a trendy and chic look, we have accumulated a bunch of fashionable eyewear styles that you must try this year.

We won’t only tell you the latest trends, we will also tell you how you can style them based on occasions and your mood. Find the latest eyewear trends below.

Oversized glasses

Big and bold is always beautiful and attention-grabbing. Reworked from your granny frames, the thick proportions of these glasses is a perfect fresh addition to your wardrobe. 

If you are a student or a college fresher trying to find your style, this might be the style for you. Oversized glasses in round shape will awaken your inner nerd so you can style these with a polo shirt and pants. 

Oversized glasses frames for women look the best in the classic cat-eye shape. Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn and cash in on this style. Wear them with a little black dress or spring jacket or an open weave sweater.

Transparent glasses

Transparent eyeglasses are probably the easiest and fastest way to make a fashion statement without compromising with comfort or elegance. These are apt for a day-time date or meeting your friends or relatives over dinner.

When you have these glasses, you might want to dial down on vibrant or colourful outfits and embrace the simplicity of neutral or soft colours such as dusty pink or light lavender. They will keep the focus on your glasses and hold your entire look together.

The see-through eyewear style is popular in glasses for men as well. Try them on with a semi-formal look while heading out for a wedding or evening event. 

Metal frames  

Whether in gunmetal grey, silver or gold, the thin metal frames are defining the eyewear trends these days. Make your regular days in the office more stylish with thin metal frames. These delicate pieces of work will add sophistication to your wardrobe. 

If you also love minimalist fashion, try thin metal frames for your eyewear collection. Their light appeal gives other accessories more room to shine. So, if you are an accessories person, you will cherish this style forever.

Round glasses

Round glasses are often favoured by celebrities whether on the red carpet or strolling down the roads when they are not shooting a movie. These glasses were brought to the picture by legendary John Lennon. 

Round glasses are more laid back and fun. Sport them in casual outfits or when chilling up with friends on weekends. Looking to order glasses online that have a smart and retro glam appeal, round eyeglasses are the right fit for you. However, if you already have soft features and round aesthetics, you may want to skip on this one.

Tortoiseshell glasses

These glasses are worn by those who crave a sophisticated and rich look. Going well with every skin tone, face shape and outfit choice, not much thought is needed when looking to style your tortoiseshell frames.

Pair them up with a basic white t-shirt and denim or wear them over your most professional business ensemble. You can make your tortoiseshell frames anything from chic to sophisticated. 

Cat-eye glasses

One style that managed to stand the test of time – cat-eye glasses carry nostalgia in a daring shape. The upswept look is perfect to give yourself an instant face-lift. 

Where we have seen the bolder and more daring forms of cat-eye glasses before, this year is all about keeping it sophisticated and simple. Cat-eye frames with round lenses and modest edges are perfect in this matter.

Geometric glasses

Whether slim or oversized, geometric glasses never fail to catch attention. The distinctive angles and details are everything you need to style up this year. Coming in exciting shapes, geometric glasses give an instant outfit boost. 

Pair your big bold geometric glasses with a leather jacket or suspenders when hitting a hipster house party. If you have geometric glasses in a thin metal frame, wear them with a textures top or t-shirt, denim and ankle boots. Do not hesitate to let out your quirky side.

So, what’s your favourite eyewear trend that you just can’t wait to jump into. If you are lucky and find special offers on glasses, you may be able to steal all these styles. 

Whatever style you choose, make sure that your frames are actresses accentuating your facial features instead of clashing with them.

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