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Trustpac Offers Special Promotions on IPO Contracts

TALLINN, Estonia, May 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As markets show first signs of recovery from the financial slowdown of 2024, reputed online trading brand Trustpac has announced it is offering its clients the chance to trade on

This move is part of the brand’s holistic approach, focusing on all of the aspects of client experience while using Trustpac’s services, and it comes after upgrades made to the platform mechanism and enhancements to the support representative staff

If there is a trading opportunity that our expert brokers consider worthy and viable, there’s no reason our clients shouldn’t enjoy it,” said Ema Overland, spokesperson for Trustpac. “Our partner traders can be sure that each IPO added to this exclusive list has been hand-picked and analyzed, to make sure it meets our asset standards. We know that our traders trust us to grant them access to nothing but assets with the highest profit potential, and we promise not to let them down with these new offers.”

Unleash the full potential of IPOs

Q2 of 2024 is predicted by financial experts to be a time of bloom for IPOs. Since markets are returning to normal functionality, many companies which have put their public launches on hold during the pandemic, are now proceeding once again with plans. However, in light of the economic uncertainty of 2024, caution must be exercised when choosing IPOs to invest in. As a result, only a few selected and renowned online trading brands offer IPO contracts today – and Trustpac is among them.

For that reason, online traders should consult with experienced brokers before investing in IPOs, in order to be more aware of matters such as initial funding, expected launch times, projections regarding profit and more. Trustpac’s team of analysts have proven themselves suitable for this kind of guidance, with a successful track record and tens of thousands of satisfied clients around the world.






“We are setting out on this new IPO contract journey with full confidence that it will prove to be a success for our clients,” added Overland. “As we’ve stated before, our growth as a company must be a result of our clients’ success. This has been our perspective from day one, and I can promise you that it will continue to be so in the future.”

About Trustpac

Despite being a relatively young online trading brand, Trustpac has already managed to receive several prestigious awards, among them best online trader in 2016 and preferred trader in 2017. The company currently offers CFD trading on a variety of assets, including commodities, stocks, indices and currency pairs. All registered users get access to the company’s proprietary web-based trading platform, suitable for all types of devices and browsers, as well as to the economic calendar which includes all the important global financial events. Trustpac’s skilled support staff can be reached 7 days a week, via email, telephone, and onsite chat.

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