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Things One Must Know Before Relocating to New York!!!

If you ask anyone, they will tell you that New York is a great city to relocate but before you decide to move there, you should know about several things about it. Yes, the city has a lot to offer from entertainment options to variety in foods, restaurants to lots of industries to work and much more. If you are coming to a smaller town then it will take time to get adapted to the urban place. But to enhance your living standard and to grab several opportunities, relocating here is a good option. To make your relocation easier, you need to hire the services of an NYC moving company. Once you hire the right movers then it is time to get information about the city. This content will tell you all the things about the place which you should know before relocating. Check out these details:

What it is like to live here?

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This is one of the most populous cities in the US and ranked 9th globally. The city is known for its diversity and high living standard because people from all across the globe relocate here to live that is the reason a variety of languages are spoken here. This is the hub to many large industries, headquarters of large businesses, lots of educational opportunities, a wide array of restaurants and pubs, and a great nightlife.

You need to rely on the subway

For transportation, relying on the subway is a great idea because public rides are cheaper and very convenient too else you need to pay high parking and gas cost. The city is filled with subway stations so it is not tough to commute in the city as the majority of the stations are present at walking distance from homes and apartments where most people choose to reside.


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You might have heard before that the city is quite expensive but the city is more expensive more than any other. The living cost is insane and this is the reason why people like to live with roommates here. Not just housing is expensive but also everything like food, transportation charges, utility bills, groceries, entertainment options, and almost everything is expensive here.

It’s a heaven for pizza lovers

If you are a pizza lover then living at this place will be like heaven to you. Because pizza is special here and there is no doubt that there are thousands of pizza parlors are available here who serve their style of pizza. Some of the characteristics of available pizzas are their hand-tossed dough, large size, and thin crust.

It is home to the largest park

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The place is home to the largest park named Adirondack. This is heaven for those who love outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, walking, biking, kayaking, and so on. If you are a nature lover then after residing there in the city, you can enjoy nature’s beauty and activities here in this park.


It is known for its chilly falls and winters so before relocation, prepare your wardrobe for the cold and wet winter season. And during the summer months, you will find hot and humid weather. The rainfall is great here even in the summer season. January is the coldest month here and the July is the hottest one.

Known for nightlife

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Nightlife is the economic and cultural driver of the city. Trivia nights are popular around the city. There are multi-concept venues and restaurants available and many restaurants have discos and bars at their rooftop where one can enjoy the nightlife to the fullest.

Trust The Delivery

Yes, New York is huge, but you’ll have no issues finding a place to eat. What’s even better is you won’t have to leave your apartment to do this. NYC is full of people from all over the world, with thousands of different customs and food habits. This is why the Big Apple is an ideal place for all for you food lovers. If you are coming from a far away you’ll find your favorite food with ease. The best part is that the city is well versed in delivering the name food. Their delivery network is without a pair in the states. Many services deal in food delivery and soon enough you’ll learn to love UberEats.

High Taxes

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New York is a heaven for many people for many reasons. But it isn’t one for the taxes purposes. In this department, it is a real hell. NYC doesn’t have a pardon when it comes to taxes. The state and the city are covered with income taxes, state income taxes, and federal income tax too. Yes, that’s right the tax rates in NYC go over 50%. This can be a hard pill to swallow, especially for people who lived in Florida or Texas. But, New York can compensate even for the worst of this, and taxes are no different.

Old Architecture

The Big Apple is constantly growing. While there are thousands of new buildings, most of the cities architecture is pre-war. What that means is that it is really old. Old buildings are not great for tenants, and this especially goes if you aren’t used to New York living. You’ll have issues with matters such as layout, heating and cooling, old windows, and other wooden pieces, with not much in terms of infrastructure. Also, there’s a matter of code standard that exploded in recent decades but wasn’t up to the game back in the 60s. Yes, older buildings have their charm but that’ll mean little to you when you’re sweating during the summer.

You Won’t Need a Car

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Most Newyorkers don’t own one. More than 56% of NYC households do not use an automobile. If you insist to own one you’ll drop the idea fast. There are not too many parking spaces, and none of them are free anyway. Some parts of the city such as Manhattan are a real hell if you hit a traffic jam. Furthermore, you have an abundance of taxis and the above-mentioned subway is a great way of transportation. A car will fast become a burden in this city, and you should believe us in this. Once you spend a few months in the city, you’ll realize that most of the inhabitants do not own one and that they do not need it. Also, if you need to move, you don’t need your own cars. Websites like  threemovers.com can help you with things like that.

You will walk more than you think

Before you relocate, you should invest in several pairs of good walking shoes unless you are lucky enough to have both the source and destination place very close to the subway stations. Usually, most new Yorkers have to walk a couple of miles every day.

People will be going to think that you are from Manhattan

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Whenever you will speak to someone and say that you are from New York, they will assume that you are from Manhattan. These poor souls don’t know that the New York state is very large and not all the people residing there are from Manhattan only. So, you should have this mindset before relocating and you can look for another many area presents there instead of just Manhattan.

Wrapping it all up!!!

Knowing all these things about the place is crucial before you plan to make this your home. With some help you can start your relocation today! You might already know that the city is the home to the statue of liberty and the bright lights of times square but now you know that the place belongs to much more. So just not consider the things which seem fantasy but you should also know about the real facts. Now you can get prepared mentally and financially to stay there. Good luck.

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