Best Tips and Tricks for College Moving
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Best Tips and Tricks for College Moving

Moving is a pain. It’s especially hard for college students, who have to move at least twice per year! Providing moving services has seen it all – from breaking up with your significant other and having nowhere else left in town, packing up the car full of furniture you just bought or sold off every semester when classes end so that mum can come get moving out during finals week after 5 years together…the list goes on.

It doesn’t matter what type of moving service one hires; if there seems like an endless amount ahead then these professionals will be able help make life easier by taking care of everything needed for transport safely inside their truck(s).

It’s tough enough having to leave your home for the first time, but it can be even more stressful if you’re an undergraduate or graduate student. It takes some figuring out what needs to stay behind and which things are essential in packing up all those belongings from back at school (and where!). But don’t worry because we’ve got this: here’s how you might make moving less difficult than expected!

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 Figure out your budget:

Money is tight for college students, no matter where they’re moving. It all boils down to how much your family has set aside and what type of trust fund or student loan you have access to – which can be a limiting factor in planning a budget while packing up everything that’s necessary for the next chapter!

Choose your method of college moving:

Every student’s needs vary from the other and some will bring everything that they can squeeze into their vehicles or a moving van while others take on an approach of minimalist. This is why it’s important to decide what you’re able to afford, as well as if this would be feasible via your family vehicle/assets (such car), obtaining self-rented vans etc. You may opt for packing all belongings in one place like home before deciding whether having someone come pick up these items is going to work better than trying another option such as renting trucks locally.:

Do not pack your entire wardrobe

Take a good look at your room and figure out what you need to pack. If there’s not much space, choose carefully from the clothes in order for both yourself and all of those other belongings will fit into one small dresser or closet with no problems at school! For example, if it is winter time where i’m going (which usually means below-freezing temperatures), then when packing up my things before leaving town on vacation – which could very well last 3 months depending on where we go make sure that while bringing enough clothing options so as longs possible everything stays clean because just like humans our animals have their own version: laundry day every few days during cold weather seasons?

Rent a storage unit for the extras

If you find that there are items that you will absolutely need to have with you, but you will not have enough space to store in your college living space – try renting a small storage unit to safely contain the extra items. This unit might come in handy during breaks to hold certain belongings that you will need each year in college, but do not want to haul back and forth between home and school every year. Also, this might be a great solution for valuable items that you would prefer to keep concealed. Esquire offers a variety of storage solutions to our clientele, especially for students who are moving to college. We are known among the Boston movers in the area for our 24-hour monitored, secure, clean, and temperature-controlled storage spaces.

Pack early and move early

A college moving tip that esquire’s staff recommends is to get your packing done as early as possible if you plan to do your own packing to free up your time for other important tasks on the big day. Also, it is widely known that college moving days can be quite congested and chaotic. If you have the option to access your dorm a day or two earlier than the standard day, this might give you an advantage. You will not have so many people around you or your hired movers. With less pandemonium, while you are trying to navigate the campus and your new living space, you might have better parking options, which will ensure a more peaceful relocation.

Protect your belongings

Nothing is worse than discovering that one of your electronic components was cracked, or a piece has been damaged during transport. As the top Boston movers at esquire -known for their care packages and relocation blankets- if you can’t afford to hire someone then make sure everything gets wrapped up securely in order not damage any furniture even more so while going through college move! Use old sheets/blankets from when they were kids as well as bubble wrap between each item set out on shelves (or other sturdy surfaces) because who knows what might happen sometimes no matter how careful we are.

We hope you’ll get the best tips for packing and moving, but if your are still looking to research more on this thing then check out our blog post which is very helpful: Packing Tips – Moving To College!

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