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How to Choose the Best Rope for a Tree Swing

There are so many different options when it comes to rope for tree swings, including regular rope as well as many different branded attachment methods.

You might be asking yourself, how important is the rope you choose? And the answer is, incredibly! The rope you choose to hold up your swings will determine exactly how much wait the swings can support and how long they’ll last.

Rhino StrapMate

Rhino StrapMate swing ropes are durable and easy to set up. They work with a good variety of swing types and can hold up to 2800 pounds. The straps are 10 feet long and they don’t require maintenance of any kind.

These straps are easy to use, easy to set up, and long-lasting.

Be Mindful Climbing Rope

This option comes in many different colors, including multi-colored options. They’re also all set and ready to go with a loop and carabiner, making them easy to attach.

The Be Mindful Climbing Rope is a great option for youngsters, as the weight limit is only 150 pounds. If you’re looking to swing alongside your children, this isn’t the option for you.

AIFAMY Tree Swing

If you’re looking to set up a tree swing instead of a swing set, the AIFAMY tree swing rope is a great option for you. You don’t need any tools to set it up and you can create any type of swing you want with it, including tire swings and saucer swings.

The only downside is that the instructions can be a bit hard to understand. However, because it is so easy to install, you’ll likely be able to figure the process out on your own.

SGT KNOTS Twisted Jute Rope

SGT KOTS is made of natural fibers and they’re perfect for use with tree swings. They offer plenty of different length options and their ropes are eco-friendly, made of all-natural materials, and safe for kids!

You don’t have to worry about icky chemicals with this one. However, this is just rope, so you’ll need to buy additional materials in order to attach it to your tree without causing damage to the tree.

Regular Rope and Chains

And of course, there’s the old rope and chain method. The rope and chain method is easy, well-loved, and known for being safe and secure. The only downside is that you’ll need to look online to figure out how to set it up yourself, as there are not instructions to go along with it—because you’re just buying rope.

However, there are so many good resources out there on how to assemble a tree swing, including articles, YouTube videos, and more. You’ll never be left out in the cold. If you have experience working with rope and chains, it’ll likely be incredibly easy for you to put together.

The Take-Away

There are many, many options out there for you when it comes to building a tree swing or swing set, and this is just for the ropes! Not only that but there are multiple clasp options, beam options, and seat options to choose from.

If you’re making your own swing set, the options for each piece will truly be unlimited. That’s the great thing about making something yourself, you can design it however you’d like.

So get ready and get your hands dirty with these great swing set/tree swing rope options. And if you’re not looking for anything extra, just stick with the tried and true method, there’s nothing wrong with that.

No matter what, always make sure you test your setup before allowing your kids to try it out. You always want to make sure that what you’ve built is safe first so no one gets hurt.

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