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Are light products healthier? We dismantle the parable

With the packaging of the food came the deception within the labeling and, with it, the confusion in an exceedingly poorly informed population or unaware of selling strategies. In this sense, the queen of the deck is that the light label. But … what’s true within the benefits that these foods promise? Must you include them in your diet?

The fallacy of sunshine foods

Light, low in fat, sugar-free, 0%, diet … these are just a few of the meanings that the identical concept receives: reducing some components considered an enemy of weight loss and health.

Following this premise, light foods are healthier and are beneficial for losing weight … or not. Since whenever an ingredient is reduced or modified, another is added or increased on the opposite hand to take care of the flavor. And this is often well-known by the food industry because, otherwise, the buyer would go for another food that’s light and maintains the identical flavor.

The reality is that the following:

When you remove the fat from products, the flavors are released. The industry replaces it with sugars, salts, sweeteners … etc.

The same thing happens with Sugar because the appeal of the food is eliminated. Refined flours, poor quality oils, sweeteners are added in large quantities that don’t cause cancer but do modify the peaks of your appetite.

With this dynamic because of the basis for the operation of sunshine products, we are able to begin to think that, during this labeling, all that glitters isn’t gold.

Some facts about light foods

Halo effect | Light foods usually trigger the well-known Halo Effect. The apparent reduction in calories encourages the psychological reward of increased consumption of a caloric product or less healthy on the opposite hand. Super Kamagra and Kamagra Gold best to treat ed. For instance, since mayonnaise is light, the primary thought is that it’s okay to require a touch more … or is it?

Bad Nutritional Decisions | within the case of processed and unhealthy food, if it’s labeled as light, a consumer can value more highly to choose this food that, otherwise, they might not include in their diet, which is equally more harmful than the conventional version.

They do not facilitate your slenderize | a lightweight food doesn’t help weight loss. If, as an example, it contains less Sugar but isn’t compensated with other additives, they will be wont to prevent weight gain, but never to slenderize.

Misleading Tagging | within the case of sugar-free products, it is camouflaged among its ingredients with other names such as syrup, fructose … Sugar can have up to 50 different characters. Something that the food industry plays with.

Compensation with other additives | as we mentioned, Sugar and fat, among others, offer an exquisite taste for the buyer. To compensate, other additives are added.

Examples of foods considered light

Skimmed milk | it’s a classic when it involves losing weight. Skim milk is lower in fat but includes added Sugar to keep up flavors, which is worse than the full option.

Turkey meat | the apparent reduction in fat is compensated by other additives and, therefore, Sugar’s addition among its ingredients.

Light Refreshments | the dearth of Sugar is compensated by sweeteners, which don’t add calories instantly but change your appetite peaks afterward.

Light yogurts | whether because of fat or Sugar, creamy yogurts are among the main tricky traps. Kamagra 100 and Vidalista 20 also best for ed. Since consistent with a study, they carry an identical amount of Sugar as a drink.

Industrial bakery without Sugar is replaced by sweeteners, which, as you’ll understand by now, isn’t a healthy alternative. On the opposite hand, to catch up on this pastry, it always includes hydrogenated fats, from which it’s convenient to escape without looking back. The same applies to light snacks like a potato.

Then what should I do?

With the confusion-misinformation of the population, these light labels are used as a claim to draw in a consumer who, increasingly, seeks a more diet because the perfect tool to induce deception.

You ought to know that even the smell of celery will be effective in producing testosterone in men! Celery contains androsterone, a natural steroid. Within the list of testosterone-boosting foods, celery is maybe one of the most effective.

Thus, when choosing foods for light foods, we recommend studying the label to determine the odds and ingredients.

And well, in general, detain mind that it’s always better to settle on raw materials and food over-packaged products. In this way, you’ll avoid the deception of the many labels and, therefore, control what you eat- which always translates into more health.

Training against misinformation in the nutrition

There is still much to try to do within the field of nutrition and dietetics. For this, it’s necessary to own a stream of professionals trained within the current food challenges to tell people about the truth of sunshine products, for instance.


Zaraki Kenpachi