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A weight chart for a perfect choice of weighted blanket

You’ve decided to get yourself a weighted blanket finally. So you start finding the perfect one. But you noticed that there are different sizes of weighted blankets. You get confused and wonder if the 10lb weighted blanket is suitable or if the 20lb weighted blanket will be perfect.

Quite a dilemma! Do you know it is effortless to choose the correct size of a weighted blanket? You just need to do a little math. Don’t worry; it’s not a complicated one. The size of your weighted blanket should be about 10 percent of what you weigh. That means if you weigh 180 pounds, you’ll go for an 18lb weighted blanket, and if you weigh 200 pounds, what size do you go for? Exactly! The 20lb weighted blanket.

What if you calculated 10 percent of your weight, and it falls between two sizes of blankets? That’s not something you should worry about. Round off to the nearest size and make the decision. Get your weighted blanket already and start your journey of comfortability.

Now you know the size of your weighted blanket depends on your weight. The 20lb weighted blanket is just like the other weighted blanket, only that it’s suitable for a specific weight. People whose weight is 200lb or close to it can maximally benefit from using the 20lb weighted blanket because that’s 10 percent of their weight. That means if your weight falls below 200lb, you should not use a 20lb weighted blanket.

Your weight as a determinant for beddings sizes

If you bought a weighted blanket and it makes you feel uncomfortable, the problem is the size. You must be pretty disappointed after you eventually got a weighted blanket only to realize you bought the wrong size. But, there’s a solution; buy a new one but ensure it’s the correct size. How do you do that? You need one thing, namely; your weight.

Your weight is an important factor when it comes to selecting the right weighted blanket. You calculate 10 percent of your weight to select the correct size. But alternatively, you can use a weighted blanket weight chart. With a weighted blanket weight chart, you’ll be able to select the perfect size of weighted blanket without a mistake.

In a weighted blanket weight chart, there’s a series of weights ranging from that of adults and young ones. Each weight has a weighted blanket size that corresponds. Once you find your weight, you will find a corresponding size of a weighted blanket to go for.

When you select your weighted blanket using the weighted blanket weight chart, you can be sure it will be the exact size you need. You’ll then maximally enjoy the comfort and effects of a weighted blanket without feeling any discomfort or inconvenience.

So remember that whenever you find it hard to choose a new weighted blanket because your weight has changed, a weighted blanket weight chart is what you should turn to.




Zaraki Kenpachi