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Medicine delivery at your convenience

Why do we use an online medicine delivery app to order medicines? Simple, convenient!

Buying medicines from an online medicine delivery app has now become a tendency. It is easier to order medicines from a medicine delivery app as it just takes a few minutes. With an online pharmacy, the medicines are easily deliverable within a few days. But, it is not the case in every region of India.  

Many medicine delivery apps only deliver at known pin codes and do not deliver at deeper parts. This causes people who live in deeper regions of the country to turn to their nearby pharmacy stores.

With Trumeds, an online medicine delivery app in India, you can order medicines anywhere and everywhere. It delivers medicines safely to the customers living in the deeper region of the country. (uncommon pin codes)

What is Truemeds?

Truemeds is an online medicine delivery app that delivers convenience and trust with their quality medicines. Truemeds is India’s first medicine delivery app that guarantees to reduce the cost of your medicine up to 72% and supplies 100% quality medicines from India’s top 30 medicine makers.  

Truemeds understand its customer’s need and provide a reliable healthcare destination for them.  

When you order medicines, the most important reasons are convenience, discounts, and time. Truemeds delivery medicines to everyone, including the elderly, disabled persons, people who have busy schedules. 

 Do not worry about purchasing medicine if you are an elder and live alone in the city or have grandparents living alone in the city. Make a patient profile, add your age and allergies, health details, and details of medicines currently taken. Now, you can order your medicines anytime. You can even edit the patient profile depending on the change in health condition. 

If you are someone with a busy life schedule that doesn’t allow you to move from your chair, buying medicines from a local medical store becomes difficult. In this case, ordering medicines from an online medicine delivery app of Trumeds becomes a life savior. It takes a maximum of five minutes to order from the app, allowing you to order with the ease of your chair. 

Discounts become a need when buying expensive medicines online. Truemeds offers discounts of up to 72% on anything and everything you order from them.

Truemeds’ medicine delivery app understands your urgency and delivers your medicine within 48-72 hours.

Other benefits offered by the medicine delivery app of Truemeds:

  • The medicine delivery app is registered by RoC-Kanpur.
  • Truemeds sell medicines only with a valid prescription.
  • Truemeds sell only CDSCO authorized medicines. 
  • The online medicine delivery app provides free doctor consultations. 
  • Truemeds supply medicines from the top 30 Indian manufacturers, leaving you with a range of choices.
  • Supportive customer service. Returns and refunds are easy

With Truemeds, the convenience is a bold and complete check.



Zaraki Kenpachi