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How To Install Parquet Floors In Your Home

Parquet flooring is one of the most popular types of hardwood flooring. Parquets are also known as Cellular Flooring, because of their cellular structure. Parquets are made by hand and no machine is needed to make them. They can be classified as Semi-Annual, Annual, or Bi-Annual. Parquets are usually polished on a commercial level. The best thing about parquets is that they have unparalleled beauty, but are not as hard on the feet as most hardwoods.

Parquet flooring installation

There are several methods of refinishing parquet flooring. The most popular method today is a procedure called Glass Refinishing. Parquet is composed of many small pieces of glass and one big piece of wood. Refinishing the parquet floors is a delicate and painstaking process. It can only be done by a professional who has all the proper tools and knows what they’re doing.

Remove all the original floor finish

The first step towards refinishing parquet flooring Dubai is to remove all the original floor finish. This includes the initial sanding and painting. Then you will need to take all the damaged boards out of the frame, and all the damaged planks in one fell swoop. One way to do this is to make sure you have at least two good-sized people to help you lift each plank.

Lay all the pieces on top of one another

After taking everything out, take all the pieces and place them together in the same order as they are located on the floor. This makes it easy to identify individual pieces when you need to put them back together. Lay all the pieces on top of one another, starting with the back wall first and then working your way to the other walls. You want to evenly distribute the weight of all the pieces over the whole floor. You may need someone to help you align the parquet floors properly so they will lie flat.

install Parquet plank

Once the flooring material is laid out correctly, the next step is to install the planks in place. If you’re using untreated wood parquets, you should use an adhesive to adhere the planks to the floor. If you’re using laminate or hardwood flooring material, you will need to pour adhesive into each hole before sticking the planks into place. If you’ve done it correctly, the planks should stick perfectly into place and not move even slightly.

Level subfloor

Another step in the installation process is the leveling of the subfloor. If your floor is not level, your parquet flooring tiles will not lay flat and will be uneven. This makes walking on difficult and will also give your house a cracked and uneven feel. To level the subfloor, you should hire a professional installer to remove any existing subfloor.

Apply Pattern

A final step in the installation process is applying the new designs. After you’ve affixed the parquet flooring tiles to the subfloor, you should apply the patterns to the entire surface. In order to create a unique look, you should first sketch out the design using graphite pencils. You can then utilize a stapler or piece of paper to mark the designs onto the subfloor. The patterns should be affixed directly to the floor surface with the use of special tack strips.


As you can see, there are many different ways in which you can complete the installation of the parquet flooring in your home. By hiring a professional installer, you can ensure that the job is completed correctly. The parquet patterns used during installation may seem very intricate at first glance, but once you remove the floor covering, you will see how simple it is to make. In addition to providing a beautiful appearance for your home, Dubai Vinyl Flooring provides great insulation from noise. Many homeowners who have installed parquets find that their homes are much quieter than prior to installing the floor coverings.


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