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What To Look For In A Dietary Supplement Manufacturer


You must know that kids and grownups in the US take some form of dietary supplements or the other. These supplements are not restricted to only vitamins; they can be herbs, minerals, enzymes, and amino acids. People buy dietary supplements as capsules, tablets, powders and gummies, energy bars and energy drinks.

Factors to consider when choosing dietary supplement manufacturers:

Since the market is inundated with private label supplement manufacturers, the sheer number of products can be intimidating for someone new to buying supplements. So, what should look for when choosing a dietary supplement manufacturer?

  • Registration: You need to make sure that the brand is registered because you should only buy supplements from a company which has the license to operate. The company should have obtained its registration from the right nutritional authorities.
  • Quality: It is best to choose a dietary supplement supplier that involves nutritionists because unless the quality is superior, you should not use it. To ensure that supplements are not contaminated and tested, you must only buy packaged and labeled products.
  • Organic: It is advisable to look for suppliers that can offer you supplements prepared using natural ingredients. Any product containing chemicals is best avoided as these can harm your health.
  • Local manufacturers: It may be a good idea to choose a dietary supplement manufacturer in the country where you reside. This way you can sure of the ingredients they use. A foreign supplier may use ingredients unknown to you. so, when buying supplements, see if the company grows its own products or obtains them from external suppliers. Only those who self-produce supplements can monitor the ingredients and quality of the products.
  • Labeling: Labels are not simply tickers on supplement bottles. Every word printed on these is the responsibility of the producer. This is why you must pick a manufacturer that is updated with the procedures and regulations.
  • Certifications: You should only choose a manufacturer which operates a certified facility. The seal of certification on the bottles ensure that all the ingredients in it are safe and free from harmful chemicals.
  • Quality assurance: To make sure that materials are safe the manufacturers should ideally run microbiology tests. Efficacy tests must also be performed post production to make sure that the product meets all the set guidelines. 
  • Packaging: Private label supplements must have custom packaging. The way a manufacturer packages his products says a lot about the company. The packaging should be such that is appealing to both existing and prospective customers.
  • Minimum order: This is something that you must inquire about when choosing a supplement manufacturer.
  • Fulfillment: Regarding order fulfillment you need to ask the manufacturer about its storage options and how long they will able to hold onto your products.
  • Transparency: Manufacturers who are not reluctant to share their manufacturing details are trustworthy.
  • Staff expertise: Often companies will claim they have many years of experience making dietary supplements. But you cannot gauge their expertise simply by looking at past records. Rather than considering the number of years a company has been around, you need to find out about the experience and expertise of its senior members who make up its research and development teams.

So, if you are keen to be a part of the supplement industry, be sure to choose a manufacturer that uses innovative formulas which can guarantee maximum efficacy.


Zaraki Kenpachi