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Harness the Power of Sidr Doani Honey in Your Diet for Amazing Health Transformation

Honey is a sweet golden liquid made by the hardworking bees that gather nectar from the blossoms. Everyone around the world has hailed the great benefits of honey for thousands of years. It is available in raw or pasteurized forms and in a variety of tastes, colors, and aromas. Among hundreds of honey varieties available across the world, Sidr Doani honey is a unique, nutritious natural sweetener and an ancient folk remedy for health and fitness.

Sidr Doani honey is considered the best honey in the world all because of its delicious taste, astonishing fragrance, and wellbeing advantages. Made by honey bees that rummage for the nectar of Sidr trees that fill in the mountains encompassing a distant valley called Wadi Doani in the Hadramout locale of Southern Yemen. The antiquated Sidr tree is acclaimed for its powerful therapeutic properties. It is also an expensive variety of honey as these specific trees bloom only at particular times. 

Nutritional Value – 

This is one of the key factors that distinguish it from other honey varieties. Sidr Doani honey is extremely rich in B vitamins, calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, manganese, sodium, zinc, and amino acids.

Health Benefits of Sidr Doani Honey 

  • Treats Digestive Issues: 

It is recognized as a prebiotic food that effectively works in nurturing the good bacteria living in your gut. Consuming it regularly in moderate quantities can help in preventing the growth of harmful bacteria in the intestine and acts as a natural remedy for indigestion and ulcers. 

  • Enhances Skin’s Beauty & Complexion:

Apart from eating, Sidr Doani honey is also good for topical treatments. It helps in preventing skin aging signs and oxidative stress. Topical application of honey on the skin reduces acne, pigmentation by providing perfect hydration and nourishment to the skin. 

  • Maintains Oral Health:

Honey can battle off gum disease and periodontal infection. It has been proved that eating honey daily brings about a more prominent decrease in plaque and gum bleeding. This may appear to be odd since sweet substances aren’t typically viewed as appropriate for oral wellbeing. However, the normal antibacterial properties of this honey help in fighting off tooth decay that causes cavities and pain. 

  • Acts as an Immunity Booster: 

Natural bee honey is a powerhouse of antioxidants that are highly effective in removing the free radicals from the body. The strong antibacterial and antioxidant properties of honey help in boosting immunity thereby keeping all infections and diseases away from the body. 

  • Heals Wounds and Burns:

Doani honey is also known as a beneficial treatment for wound dressings. It is widely known for its rich properties that promote faster tissue regeneration and reduces the chances of infection. Topical application of honey on wounds and burns provides faster recovery from burning and pain along with reducing the scars of wounds and burns. 

Essential Standards & Conditions to Keep a Check on the Quality of Doani Honey –

  • Humidity : Doani honey having humidity less than 21% is considered good as honey with a higher humidity percentage will spoil. 
  • Total Reducing Sugars: This is one of the key components that describe the quality of honey. It is the sum of glucose and fructose, and should not be less than 24%. 
  • Sucrose: Honey which has a sucrose content of 5% is considered best in quality, except for some honey varieties, that usually ranges between 10% – 15%.
  • Acidity: Sidr Doani honey usually has an upper limit of acidity as 50meq / kg. This honey variety is actually very beneficial for diabetic people because the acidity is  at moderate levels and sucrose is very low.
    • Hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF): In general, this is the extent to which honey is exposed to heat, or whether it has been stored. To check whether the honey is of good quality or not, this figure should not exceed 80 mg/kg.
    • Diastase enzyme activity: Diastase enzyme activity shows the distinction of honey and makes it a great natural food substance useful for treating various illnesses. A minimum of 3 units in all types of honey is considered a good amount, and in the original Sidr Doani honey, it is high. 
  • Insoluble solids: A maximum of 0.1 insoluble solids in Doani honey indicates it is pure and safe to consume. 
  • Ash and mineral elements: Doani honey is appraised royal if the ash content is 1%, and this is evidence that it is always pure, organic, and natural.

Everyone loves the taste of honey and the benefits that it offers — from its antioxidant abilities to its role as a deliciously natural sweetener and preservative.

The prices of Sidr Doani honey are somewhat on the higher side as compared to other honey varieties. But for all those who are looking for the perfect honey to consume daily and keep up good health, this honey variety is by far the best. Buy the pure, organic and 100% natural honey from Geohoney today and add it to all of your bites, snacks, desserts, and other recipes to make them delicious and super-nutritious.

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Zaraki Kenpachi