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Quick Points for Loose Motions Amidst Covid Care

If you have been experiencing loose motion then you need to take it seriously. Make sure that you take proper precautions to ensure that you control it or you may fall sicker. If you are worried about How to Stop Loose Motion then this quick post can help you, especially during this covid19 crisis. After all, it is a condition also known as diarrhea.


The first thing that you should do is make sure that you take some ginger in the form of tea or otherwise. Ginger is a powerful miracle spice used for treating different ailments. It owns several health benefits and is a good home remedy for treating loose motion.

Lemmon Can Help

Then also, take lemon because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and is a great home remedy for stopping loose motion. Also, coriander leaves or cilantro is great to cure ailments related to the issue of indigestion. Linalool and even borneol. You can even take up pomegranate as it is a good remedy to stop your loose motion.  You can consume pomegranate for swift outcomes.


Turmeric is powerful and is an anti-inflammatory ingredient that possesses a chemical known as curcumin, which is helpful in lessening bowel movements. You just need to blend turmeric powder in warm water and take it to relieve abdominal pain and diarrhea. You surely will find some good results once you take it every day for some days.


Massively known for its medicinal value and its antibacterial properties, honey for loose motion augments the consistency of loose stools. Just take up a tablespoon of honey or blend with cumin or fennel water/ginger tea. You will find it light to take and not at all a problem for anyone. It works effectively and safely.

Cumin water

You can even use Cumin water as it is a soothing, mild drink that settles your gas and relieves mild to reasonable cases of loose motions. Steep cumin seeds in clean boiling water and take it after cooling. This drink is absolutely safe for infants and kids who are above 6 months of age.

Fennel seeds Saunf

You might take fennel seeds in hotels or restaurants or otherwise after you finish eating meals. But do you know that it is known to aid with a number of digestive issues? Steep Saunf or fennel seeds in boiling water and take it after cooling. If you want to treat loose motion for infants and kids above 6 months of age, the fennel seed soup is a brilliant home remedy. You can try it right away and you can feel the difference. The best part is that it does not have any type of side effects for anyone and the taste is good too.


Finally, curd for your loose motion is a brilliant remedy as it has probiotics which are essential for the normal functioning of the gut and intestines. Take as it is or you can even choose to blend it with honey.

Hence, even when you are doing Covid-19 Care make sure that you do not compromise on these things. You can stay healthy once you consume these ingredients regularly.

Zaraki Kenpachi