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Hair transplant in Turkey

 Everyone agrees that this country has become one of the champions of medical tourism … And it is in the hair transplant sector that Turkey really stood out. With Istanbul in pole position, Turkey has indeed established itself as the world destination for hair transplants, otherwise known as “hair implants”. This growing industry is also establishing itself as one of the pillars of the Turkish economy. According to AFP and Le Point, there are no less than 300 establishments specializing in this field. State-of-the-art medical treatments, for a quarter of the normal price in Europe: this is the main reason for this surging demand.

Hair transplantation in Turkey, an increasingly common practice

Turkey, and more so ISTANBUL, now enjoys a worldwide reputation for its expertise in the hair transplant industry. In question, the country has advanced technology and experienced surgeons. In order to boost the country’s economy, the Erdogan government has done everything it takes to develop this promising sector. Offering prices much lower than those charged in other countries, Turkey attracts an ever-growing clientele. Proximity is also at the root of the success of the Turkish medical industry. You can, in fact, reach Turkey in 3 to 4 hours from around forty cities around the world. In terms of infrastructure, Turkey can also boast of having the accreditation of the International Joint Commission (JCI), for a large number of its hospitals. This American organization is responsible for evaluating the quality of health services, according to international standards.

What is the method used?

Hair transplantation responds to the problems of baldness and hair loss in men than in women. The majority of clinics in Turkey favor the follicular unit extraction technique (FUE), one of the most innovative. Very widespread also in Europe, it consists of taking hair from the donor area, located at the back of the head where the hair is genetically programmed not to fall out, in order to reimplant them on the recipient area.

This permanent solution has the advantage of offering a natural result, regardless of the area to be treated (vertex, gulfs, frontal line). It is indeed guaranteed to be free of scars, rejection, and color error since it is the person’s own hair that is reimplanted. Another quality of the intervention is that it is relatively short and painless. The duration of the operation varies from a few hours to one or two days depending on the size of the area to be treated. Minimally invasive, this procedure allows the patient to be quick on his feet. It should be noted, however, that if the trip to Turkey can be an opportunity for the family to plan a vacation, the patient after the operation must strictly avoid the sun, the swimming pool, and the beach. Finally,

Hair Transplant Turkey Reviews:

With more than 1000 interventions per day, the hair transplant sector can be proud of a good reputation thanks to the many positive opinions shared on the web. However, a few low-cost clinics sometimes tarnish the picture.

The success of a hair transplant in Turkey depends on:

  • A fair and honest hair assessment carried out beforehand
  • From the experience of the clinic or practitioner
  • At a price consistent with the transplant to be performed

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that not all clinics are created equal and that each transplant case is truly unique.

What are the prices?

Every month, thousands of foreigners travel to Turkey for hair transplantation. Even if they vary according to the establishment, the prices of services are much lower than those charged in Europe, the United States, or the Middle East. For example, if treatment in Europe can be around 5 to 6,000 euros, in Turkey it will be available around 1,200 euros, stay included. A variation can be observed depending on the number of grafts extracted and the addition of complementary care such as PRP. They also depend on the quality of care and the hospital, but also on the follow-up and services that the establishment offers during the intervention. Note that in view of a highly competitive sector, prices could continue to fall.

Precautions to be taken

Hair transplantation should not be taken lightly. It requires rigorous ethics and competence on the part of those who practice it. Only experience and skill are the guarantee of natural hair. Serial work, driven by aggressive medical marketing, is often synonymous with disappointing results. Beforehand, it is advisable to consult a qualified professional to know the feasibility of the operation. Once the diagnosis is made, comes the question of which treatment will be the most suitable. Note that before any hair transplant decision, it is essential to request a quote with a detailed account of all the services, so as not to face unexpected costs following the intervention.

Zaraki Kenpachi