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Hydrocodone And Vicodin: Are Both The Same?

Hydrocodone is a powerful drug that can be used as a pain reliever. It can be purposefully used to treat coughs. This drug is best known to everyone under the name Vicodin since it contains hydrocodone and paracetamol. In addition, this substance is also associated with codeine. That is why it also has such a name as dihydroxycodeinone. Naturally occurring opiates such as thebaine and codeine are used to obtain it. Vicodin can be used as a pain reliever to relieve the following cold symptoms: fever, cough.

Hydrocodone contains paracetamol, which makes it possible to classify the drug as an effective means for reducing the temperature, increasing its analgesic effect. The content of codeine in it helps to eliminate cough. The best way is to Order Vicodin online, and the medicine will be effective for people with acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections, other diseases with similar symptoms. The drug must be taken orally. For therapy, its dosage is 5-10 mg. In terms of strength, this dose corresponds to 60 mg of morphine taken by swallowing. A similar addiction can form to wiki did as to codeine. The only difference is a slight euphoria. 

History Of Vicodin

The drug known as dihydroxycodeinone was created in Germany in 1920. And it gained great popularity in 2004 already under the name Vicodin. It was at this time that he was shown in the TV series “House”, the protagonist of which used him to save him from terrible pain in his leg. Since the 20th century, hydrocodone has been used more as a drug. Pharmacies are now trying to constantly purchase a cough medicine called Tussionex, which is a narcotic drug that allows you to get a little high. You can buy it in the form of tablets, capsules, and syrup. It really helps to eliminate coughing attacks, but it must be used strictly on the advice of a doctor. You yourself can not increase the dose or the duration of treatment with this drug.

Medical use of Vicodin

In medicine, Vicodin for sale is used to relieve severe pain. It also allows you to stop coughing, improve the patient’s condition due to its sedative effect. Hydrocodone comes with paracetamol or aspirin. This combination of drugs produces a strong dual effect on pain relief. According to contraindications, you cannot take this medication on your own. Taking it during pregnancy can cause miscarriage, cause problems in the respiratory system. The substance enters the body through the placental barrier, which can cause great harm to an unborn child. You can not use Vicodin and nursing mothers, since the drug can enter the child’s body through breast milk.

Signs of using Vicodin

Symptoms of hydrocodone use include:

  • mood change
  • doing something illogical
  • the constant appearance of tears in the eyes
  • decreased appetite, weight loss
  • constant yawning
  • the appearance of colic, the occurrence of bouts of nausea
  • strong sweating, chills.

Consequences of using Vicodin

Taking doses exceeding the therapist’s norms, long-term use of the drug can cause the appearance of pathologies in the body that will cause severe ailments, and can also cause death. Hydrocodone can cause the following complications: heart attacks, spasms and respiratory arrest, cessation of kidney and liver function, amnesia, loss of vision, and coma. The direst consequences can occur when combining hydrocodone with alcoholic beverages and other drugs.

Vicodin overdose help

The therapeutic dose of the drug per day is up to 40 (60 mg). Drug addicts can consume more than 200 mg per day. As symptoms of critical poisoning with Vicodin, one can name breathing spasms, a constant desire to sleep, skin stickiness, its coldness, a decrease in pressure to a critical level, and coma.

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