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The Different Types of Braces

You may have misalignment issues that result in biting issues, making regular activities like chewing and biting more difficult. Orthodontics has been available for a long time to treat mild and severe dental issues. Your dentist may recommend braces to help treat your dental concerns. Braces come in different types, and all have different structures that work to correct misalignment. Therefore, your chance of eliminating such concerns will be seeking an orthodontist Flushing, NY treatment.

You can learn about different braces you can decide to venture on to treat your teeth.

Metal Braces

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You may have teeth misalignment and biting problems that may result in jaw problems, gum diseases, and chewing issues. Your doctor may recommend metal braces to align your teeth and correct your bites. Metal braces will move your teeth into position over time while they straighten them and reduce your chances of damaging the neighboring teeth. Your doctor will cement the metal braces onto your teeth and then fit flexible wires to hold the brace together. Your dentist may then use ligatures to keep the flexible wires in place. Metal braces may offer you several advantages, like efficiency, because they stay fixed on your teeth, thus offering great movement control. You can also have improved oral health from metal braces.

Ceramic Braces

The braces consist of brackets that your dentist fixes to each tooth, a wire for connecting the brackets, and elastic bands that hold the wire in position. Ceramic braces are different because they have the color of natural teeth. Your dentist may use clear wires and bands to make your braces less noticeable. You can settle on ceramic braces if you want less visible braces and need a quick solution for your orthodontic issue. You may also choose ceramic braces if you have metal allergies. Ceramic braces can straighten, adjust and realign your teeth while correcting severe biting issues. However, ceramic braces are more expensive than metal braces, are easily breakable, and stain more easily because of the clear elastic bands.

Self-Ligating Braces

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You can choose self-ligating braces if you want small elastic bands to hold your bracket wires in place. Your dentist may recommend active brackets that apply a sliding spring clip technique that uses active force to press against your wires. Your dentist may also recommend passive brackets that apply a simple sliding technique that will not use an active place to press your wires.

Lingual Braces

You can choose lingual braces if you do not want anyone to notice you have them on because your dentist will place them behind your teeth. You will enjoy having corrected biting issues, and your dentist will customize them to suit your needs and give you comfort. However, you may experience discomfort as you get used to your new braces.

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