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4 Important Questions to Ask Before Getting Braces

Planning to get braces to improve your smile or because your orthodontist recommended that you correct the alignment of your teeth? Before you do you should be very clear on what you’re getting into, and the best way to find out is by asking the right questions.

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The most important questions that you should pose to your orthodontist before getting braces are:

  • What types of braces can I choose from?

Aside from the conventional metal braces there may be other types of braces that you can use such as ceramic, lingual, or Invisalign. Knowing what your options are is always good. Read more about Invisalign and any other orthodontic treatment, before it can be life saving for you.

When you ask about the types of braces that you can choose from, be sure to also ask your orthodontist which one will be the most effective. On top of that ask them if there are any maintenance issues that you may have to take into account.

  • Will I have to extract any teeth?

In some cases you may need to have certain teeth extracted before you’re able to install braces. That is especially true if your teeth are overcrowded to begin with, in which case some may need to be removed to give space to the others.

Technically there are other techniques that can be used in place of extraction at times – such as palate expansion. If you do not want to extract any teeth, you should discuss your options with your orthodontist.

  • Approximately how long do I have to wear braces?

Asking how long the treatment will take is good so that you roughly know what to expect. However you should keep in mind that the time that it takes to fix the alignment of your teeth can vary by quite a bit.

The estimate that your orthodontist provides will assume that you follow their instructions carefully. If you do not, it may end up taking longer.

  • What should I do or avoid while wearing braces?

Generally your orthodontist will probably run through a list of dos and don’ts – but you should ask them this question regardless. If you want you could be more specific and ask them about steps to take care of your braces, foods to avoid, and so on.

At the end of the day, knowing exactly what you need to do and what you must not do is key. It can help you to keep your braces in good condition, and ensure they are effective.

Aside from these questions you should ask any others that happen to come to mind. To be honest there are no wrong questions, and it helps to clear up any misunderstandings about orthodontics Ware, and make sure that you fully understand everything that you need to.

Although getting braces is relatively routine nowadays, it is still a big decision – and you shouldn’t rush it. Odds are once you get them they’re going to be with you for at least a few years, so you need to be certain that you know all about it.

Zaraki Kenpachi