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What You Did Not Know About Hyperhidrosis

Sweating is a natural reaction of your body to exercise and heat. However, some people experience excessive sweating unrelated to such factors. The condition is referred to as hyperhidrosis and warrants medical attention. You are not alone if you experience excessive sweating in your hands, underarms, face, and feet. Different factors can be attributed to the condition, while some cases cannot be explained, and misconceptions result. Fortunately, Plainview Hyperhidrosis specialists offer several treatments based on your needs to help you lead a quality life.

Here are some facts about hyperhidrosis that you need to know.

Hyperhidrosis is Less Common

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Excessive sweating is popular but typically rare, affecting only about 1 % of the population. However, the condition is more common in people with other underlying medical conditions than in healthy individuals. Some health complications can interfere with your sweat glands’ anatomy and the surrounding nerves. However, it would be best if you did not assume excessive sweating based on this fact.

Anyone Can be Affected

Hyperhidrosis knows no age limits and affects both young and old. Additionally, the condition affects both men and women equally. Therefore, pay attention to your sweating and that of your children, whether infants, teenagers, young adults, or seniors. Although many people do not consider hyperhidrosis a problem, you might be concerned depending on your occupation or when the condition affects your social life and the overall quality of life. The earlier the condition begins, the longer it will be, noting that children cannot outgrow it.

Hyperhidrosis Triggers Differ

You cannot predict when an episode of hyperhidrosis can occur since different factors can trigger the condition. All you need to do is work with your doctor to develop good management techniques and control your symptoms. You can work with your doctor to minimize the effect of hyperhidrosis on your daily life. You might need to adjust your clothing occasionally and shower several times daily to manage your symptoms. However, the measures you take vary depending on the triggers for your condition.

The Experience is Different

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As hyperhidrosis triggers vary from one person to another, so does the experience. Different people experience the condition differently. Some people sweat during exercise and under heat, while others sweat due to anxiety and stress. All in all, you are said to be experiencing hyperhidrosis when your sweating exceeds normal. Also, the frequency of sweating varies from one person to another. You can experience hyperhidrosis episodes weekly, daily, or multiple times every day.

Treatment is Possible

Although hyperhidrosis is a lifetime condition, it can be effectively managed when underlying medical conditions are associated. Conditions like thyroid disease can be cured by resolving your excessive sweating problem. However, primary hyperhidrosis without a specific cause will not disappear, and you only have to cope with the symptoms. Some medical treatments that can help manage hyperhidrosis include industrial-grade antiperspirants, neurotoxin injections, and iontophoresis. Such options offer temporal solutions, but sometimes surgical alternatives can be employed to solve your problem permanently. Your doctor can recommend a sympathectomy to remove the nerve responsible for excessive sweating permanently.

Learning better management techniques and coping with hyperhidrosis can help you lead a quality life. Contact the MDCS Dermatology specialists if you think you are experiencing excessive sweating. Click online or make a call to schedule a consultation appointment.

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